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Feeding Updates

I actually have pretty crowded stuff in my head and need to write it out so it will be more spacey. But, yeah, life happens hecticly so the crowd should wait. I’ll start with the lightest one.

It’s been awhile since the last talking about feeding. I do whinning less too. Doing it less doesn’t mean it becomes easier. Like I said previously, it’s nothing about easier, it’s just more bearable. Bearable can be interpreted as knowing how to overcome major unpleasant things about feeding.

I always feeding with singing. I can’t help just merely feeding. I have to sing. It’s more for myself than for the baby, haha! But surely it’s a bit tiring after some time. So, when I have felt tired, to LittleBabyBum we go. I love their videos a lot. It’s fun to watch, enjoyable to sing, and the music and lyrics are that good till for some songs I even memorize it right after the first hearing. This is not a paid post, I am sincerely thanking LittleBabyBum for its tremendous help to accompany me through this daily battle ( I dislike, pretty much). It’s truly one of the reasons feeding becomes more bearable.

Langit eats almost in all her waking time. She has mango orange juice for appetizer, then rice and other dish for main course. Oh, she has eaten the very same dish that served for adults. It’s been almost the last 4,5 months. It surely makes my life easier. Done with the main course, then she takes a bath. After that, she has either banana or chocolate sprinkles bread. Only small pieces of course. Then, continue with 100 ml of UHT milk. As a closing, she will have breastfeed to sleep ritual. Pretty long queue, isn’t it?

If she wakes up few hours before lunch, then she will continue the banana or bread. But, if she wakes up nearly lunch, then she takes it after lunch.

Lunch plus snack done the it’s nap time. Usually nap time is only one-two hours maximum. She has her third meal around five pm. Done with the third and afternoon bath, she will have avocado and that’s the end before time to breastfeed to sleep comes.

Beside her mouth-keeping food habit, she is an easy baby when it comes to kind of food she consumes. No matter how much she has taken, whenever someone offer her something, she will eagerly open her mouth and eat it. Whether it will end up on her tummy or on the floor, that’s another story.

Eating out? Rarely. I am so againts outside feeding. We can eat out when she has finished. So I also can enjoy the meal. Tired laaa.

No matter how much I dislike this thing, I keep religiously doing it every single day. First, no choice. No back up personel who I can delegate this task. Second, unfeeding is not an option. Third, it pays me good enough for me to not to give it up.

You can define ‘pay’ literally or figuratively. I have a very strong confidence that the whole set of her daily feeding is one of the main reasons why she’s rarely sick for along these fifteen months. She hasn’t taken any single medecine.since she was born. She had once fever or light cold, but I just improve her intake without medecine. That’s one of my proud achievement actually. Sorry for bragging. Can’t help it.

Feeding herself seems a bit unapplicable for the time being. I prefer waiting for more time until I am ready. Yes, me. Not the baby.

Well, that’s for the latest feeding update.

Keep going, feeding fighters!


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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