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A Short Glimpse to the Future

A girl sat silently near the school gate while waiting for her mum to pick her up after school. Not for long, another boy came and joined her. Couldn’t stand the silence, the boy opened her mouth,

” What’s your name?”

“Langit Senja,”

“Langit Senja? What kind of name is that?”

” Why? It’s a great one. Not just anyone is lucky enough to be named like that. Haven’t you ever seen one?”

“Seen what?”

“My name,”


“Look here,”




“What do you think?”

“Beautiful. Breath-taking.”

“Exactly. So now you know what kind of name Langit Senja is. As you say, it’s beautiful and breath-taking. Like me,”.

Then she stood up and left as her mum’s car stopped in front of the school gate.

Before entering the car, she turned her head, gave the boy a wide smile and waved her hand,

“See you tomorrow!”


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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