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The Fifteenth Month

I am currently not in a good mood while writing this. Since I couldn’t write about it here, so I decide to write about something else.

The big girl will turn fifteen months by next week. So what’s new about this month?

The very first remarkable thing I discovered this month happened today. She went upstairs, stepped in each stair one by one by her own feet. Of course I held her hand also. She managed to go up without being carried, and she really did it well. She did it slowly, one foot then another, her other hand was on the wall while another one holding mine. Although her feet were quite small to step on the stairs, she really put efforts to do it. What made me even happier, she looked sooo happy while doing it.

Have you ever thought that stepping on the stairs could be this pleasant? Like it was a very big deal and when you reached the top, you felt that you had accomplished something great and couldn’t help feeling proud about yourself. Her expression said so.

Langit is pretty good about her physical development. One day, I even witnessed her rolling to the front while we were playing on my dad’s room. It’s almost a perfect roll. However, she seemed a bit lacking in language. Until now, she still doesn’t talk much although her talkactive mom is always being around for almost whole day. So about this, I still have to wait.

We went swimming last Sunday to get her being familiar with water. At first she cried a lot like the previous time we swam. But then, after some time, she started enjoying it. At least, she was able to laugh a bit. We planned to take her swimming regularly.

Going to bathroom and house messing are still running and become her favorite. She couldn’t help seeing someone went to the bathroom without following nor when she saw the bathroom door opened, she surely went in.

Hm, I guess that is all for now. I am too sleepy to continue. Bye for now!

Oh! Keep healthy and happy, Cipi-kun!:*:*

Swimming with daddy
Eating pose


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