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About Father

“A father is the first man you’ll know, the first one you’ll love. You have a good one and he’ll forever be the standard against which you will compare with very other man you will ever meet. You get a not so good one and you’ll find urself always either searching for what he never gave u, or running away from the memory of him.”
– A Leap of Faith (dimsumofallthings)

I obviously don’t talk about my father as much as my mother. Maybe because I was close to my mother more than to my father. The past relationship with my father was not as good as the one with my mom. I often felt that I was his least favorite from three of us. I remembered having some disagreements with him. Like my decision to become a teacher after graduate or took a master degree in education. I was always team mama than team papa.

Apart from those things, I really like him as a man. He is clever, handsome, goals oriented, detailed, compassionate, and hardworking. He was once a father we were afraid of during our childhood. But, as we were growing up he became very much softer.

My best relationship with him started since my mother went. Even better after my sister married and left home. Took care my mum during her last days intensely made me grew fonder of him. Thinking that he also deserves the best ones I did to my mom.

If someone asked one thing I want to follow from him is about financial. Since few years ago, I have set my long-term financial goal. I want to be as rich as him.

He doesn’t own any companies, nor lots of properties, nor blue chips stocks, nor the high position in government institutions. But, he is financially settled until the point of never ever he refuses even once, as far as I know, whenever someone asked his help for money. Whoever they are.

He just gave them easily. More admiringly, he even doesn’t bother to remember how much he has lent to them. Do you think it’s one or two millions? Nope. He once gave (lent) several of my mum relatives hundred millions to build up houses few years ago. Until today, he hasn’t received any single penny of return. Does he care? Not really.

Although he is retired now, he is still be able to travel here and there, goes to a lot of places, stays in good hotels, enjoys lots of good food. In short, giving a lot doesn’t stop him from enjoying the best thing money can do. He has prepared well for retirement and enough savings for it. I know for sure, he doesn’t have much worry for money for the rest of his life. I want to live like that.

I am lucky enough to be one who has been taking care of him for few these years back. Taking care of your parents in their old age is not a responsibility. It’s very much an honour.

Well, Happy Birthday, Papa! I wish you health and all the best thing for the rest of your life. I might seem not giving you much credits here, but, you won’t know how much grateful I have been to be born as your daughter. Thank your for your best effort raising three of us, providing all the best thing a child needs.

But,please, can you just stop eating durian too much so you can stop whining of having high blood pressure? Is it even corelated? I don’t know. But still, just stop it.

With much love,

Your fussy daughter.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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