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The Sixteenth Month

It’s quite unusual I am a bit late to write the monthly post about Langit. Life happens busily and sometimes I am running out of breath to catch all up.

Don’t give any serious meaning to ‘ Life happens’ phrase. Because mostly, it’s about the baby who is getting faster and smarter in ruining and messing up the house or the current on-going dramas are really good until I have a bit long queue. So, juggling between the house chores, baby stuffs, works, and watching dramas, that is what I call ‘life happens’.

Well, Langit is going faster and faster in almost everything except two. Talking and eating. She is currently still babbling unclearly. Although her babbles vocabularies are really improving, but still it has no meaning. A good thing here is her communication skill is pretty good which means she understands instruction and able to imitate actions.

We are thinking to consult the doctor about this. We also asked for others’ opinion or read articles. Mostly, people suggested us to wait since she is only 16 months and told us to be more often talking to her. Well, then, let see.

She is now able to understand to put her dirty laundry to the basket after eating, know how to undressed her pants, able to rearrange the big-small donuts toys, although the order is still often wrong. She understands after drinking from her glass, the lid should be put back on. She is getting faster going up and down through stairs. One thing she is also good at is making a mess in a blink of an eye.

We have registered in a baby class starts in April insya Allah. It is once a week class for an hour. Actually, this kind of class is more for the parents than the baby. Being with her almost all the time show me that we parents really have so much to learn yet so little knowledge.

I know it is impossible to know everything, and to apply everything in the baby’s life. But, how do we know what to apply if we don’t know anything? The more knowledge we have, the more choices we know, and the more likely we can do and choose the most suitable ones for us. Hopefully the class is enjoyable and fun.

Well, that’s all for now. Happy sixteen months, baby! Always, keep healthy and happy.

Going down the stairs
Eating style


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