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On Baby’s Weight and Achievement

The title might sound unrelated, but let see how it goes.

So, I’ve been pretty anxious about the baby’s weight for the last two months. Actually, this weight stuff has been my constant concern since early days. I didn’t know back then that I will keep worrying about this until now.

I once wrote that Langit is more to height than weight. There were several times that I was really working hard to increase her weight. One of them was the last two months. I’ve been checking her weight on manual scale at home but it didn’t show any significant progress. Whenever I put her there, it showed the same spot. Then, after that, I kept increasing her meal portion, snack, in short, any intaked she could have.

Since we had no vaccine schedules for the last two months, so I didn’t do visit at all. Alhamdulillah, Langit has been healthy too. Along these seventeen months, never we visit pediatrician other than  for vaccine schedule. So for the last two months, I really had no idea how the weight was doing and it made me pretty anxious.

I intended to buy digital scale few days ago so we could have the exact number at home without having to visit the hospital. But, then I forgot. Until today, I have been planning this and that all night.

I called Century whether they had the digital device or not and they said they had it. I have checked it online, but I am not really keen on online shopping, so I didn’t buy it. I just needed to know the price. But, when I heard the price that Century had, it was pretty shocking since the number was almost ten times higher. I knew I wasn’t crazy enough to buy such expensive digital scale just because I was afraid to visit hospital.

I went for exercise then unusually went straight home. It was very fortunate that I decided to do grocery shopping yesterday. Arrived home, the baby was still sleeping so I had time to wash, had lunch, and prepare Langit’s too. When I finished those all, the baby woke up.

I still hesitated about the hospital visit until the very last minute. I wasn’t scared about the doctor nor the hospital. They were all very nice. It was the weight result that scared me most.

Anyone can think I am exaggerating. Anyone can think that weight is just a number and there are lots of other more important things than just worrying about weight. I myself  agree about that. I keep talking to myself that she is healthy in spite of her weight. She moves actively, eats well, sleeps well, good motoric skills, and so on. But,I can’t help worrying still.

I can’t ignore the WHO growth development. Whatever my opinion says, the curve won’t lie. It shows the real evidence about how actually the baby is doing in real numbers. Constant weight is something that I should be aware of.

A baby should at least achieve certain increasing number every month. It shows her health status. Whatever evidences I stated above will sound more like denials if I don’t pay attention to this.

Okay, back to the today’s scene. So, I checked on her crib, tidied it up, breastfed her and called the hospital for registration. When it’s done, I changed her clothes then mine, then I booked an online taxi. This online taxi app is such a big help. The hospital was close enough from my home, but I couldn’t drive by myself with the baby. So, this online taxi is really genius idea. It is comfortable, simple with reasonable price.

Arrived at the hospital, surprisingly we got a big number like 13. It was a bit unusual. Went to the first floor and the nurse asked to measure the baby’s weight, height, and head circumstances. My heart was beating fast when the baby stepped on the scale. Remembering exactly a month ago, my heart broke too bad after seeing the number this scale showed before polio vaccine. Remembering how it ruined a whole day and weekend for me.

I really couldn’t believe what I saw when the number stopped changing. Was it real? Really? Cincaaa??

It showed me 700 grams increase since last month!!!

She had polio shot on March 12, today is April 12. It is exactly a month. Above one year, a baby is expected to gain 200-250 grams per month ideally. We had 700 grams! Wohooooo!!

The time when I saw the new number, it felt like a really big burden lifted from my heart. It felt like every single thing that I have done was nicely paid. And, to be assured that this scale at our home is obviously broken.


Never once I thought before that such simple thing can feel like a biggest achievement. Never thought before I could be this happy with just a mere 700 grams of a person weight. Feels like I have accomplished something so great. Whatever people say, this thing matters for me. Maybe some part of motherhood is about being happy about whatever your baby achieves. No matter how small it is.

I have been taking care the baby alone most of the time. From the time she wakes up until the very moment she asleeps. I prepared every single meals, snacks, feeding her for hours, clean everything after that, playing and doing things with her, all without any other human being help daily. So, I won’t be too ashamed to claim and say : this is my achievement. No one shall take credits for this.

I hope we will continue doing well and I won’t let myself loosen tou.much after this.

Ah, I also found out my review about the hospital on this blog was displayed nicely there.

So happy to see this.

Today deserves a big shout of Alhamdulillah to thank everything happened. ALHAMDULILLAH!

Thank you for that bloody 700 grams which made my day.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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