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A life that We Choose

We have had new Sunday morning routine since last April. Langit has been joining a baby class with nine other babies. It’s actually a class to play and encourage stimulations. It’s quite good so far.

Along the five meetings, I notice that every babies in the class always come with both their mum and dad, or some also come with the nanny. So, some of them come with three companions. The one  who happens to have only an adult companion is mine.

It’s an hour class and babies surely went everywhere from one corner to another. While others were taking turn to chase and guard their babies, I did the job solo. Three out five, I did it alone.

Trust me, chasing a toddler for an hour is similar to a medium to heavy cardio exercise. I have been sweating physically and mentally. Sometimes, I really want to borrow one of those nannies to help, hehe.  Then, mentally sweating more because I feel like most of the time, people probably see me as a single mother.

Another exceptional is about the ride. While others were coming in their four-wheeled engine car, we came in four-wheeled manual stroller. The school is quite close, so it’s not really necessary to go by car. Maybe ten minutes by walk. Beside, Langit enjoys riding on a stroller too, which is something that she rarely has. Ah, our stroller is not a famous branded one. It’s just a simple old stroller we got from one of my uncles.

So, being mostly alone and coming ‘just’ by riding a stroller, people ask me enough with their stare.

Do I (really) care?

Hm, I did and did not. Being different from others can be both good or not that good. Since it’s been several meetings, I don’t really bother about that. People asked sometimes and I just gave them brief answer or smiled.

As long as it doesn’t bother others, I don’t mind being judged for what I have, I choose, and I do. I hope my baby learns that too. We can enjoy just with whatever things that we have. Things will never define the worth of a person.

I am not trying to be humble here. Nor playing modest. I just want to write that it feels good enjoying less comfortable things, less companions, and being noticed for some different things that you do.

Other dads might not have to work on Sunday, while hers (currently) need to. Although her daddy is often absent, one day she will understand, it is for a greater good and a bigger purpose.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy this life that we choose and be grateful for it.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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