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The Recap : 17th and 18th months

It’s been quite a while since the last sharing of Langit’s updates. I missed her 17 and 18. Some circumstances happened prevented me to write on time.
So, she is now a 1,5 years toddler. Getting bigger, taller, clever, and one thing that is quite tiring, she is getting everywhere around the house, messing all opened drawers, or everything within her reach.

It made me so fussy at first. But, as time goes by, having a toddler teaches you to let some things go. Like having a clean tidy living room as those ones in a magazine has. I learn to let go by not sweating too much small stuff like when she spoiled her milk, my babbles were getting shorter and I just wiped it. For me, it was an accomplishment.

She starts to understand some things like using spoon to feed herself, putting her dirty laundry on the basket before taking a bath, climbing the piano chair and seated herself well and play. She starts to babble clearly in words too. 

It’s another six months until the time to wean her from breastfeeding. I hope we both can do well of weaning with love and peace. I keep telling her that sooner she will be a big girl and no longer able to have any breastmilk. She might not understand well, but I just keep talking. 

Well, that is that. Let’s have a bit more sleep on this 25th day of Ramadan!

Happy Fasting!


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