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The Twentieth Month

Woohoo! It’s just another four months to go to the complete two years of breastfeeding. When people said time flies so fast, I would say that years were surely fast, but I live it by days. Days are long.

The twenty months have been like a roller coaster ride. What To Expect The First Year has given a head up that there’s no job which more physically and emotionally taxing than parenting in the first year. Then, for the second year, I would like to add intelligently challenging after both aspect.

Her abilities in many things have been improving significantly, including in speaking. Words start coming one by one clearly. She is getting better at expressing her feeling through some actions like crying, nagging, or any kind of actions that amuse us.
Feeding has been easier and more flexible according to my standard. Currently, we have less rituals. Breakfast, lunch, and early dinner still go as usual. Snacking becomes optional. Sometimes she has it, sometimes not. And that is okay, as long as the three meals done properly. She is totally into a proper portion of meal. Rice and its companions are the key to the peaceful day and night.

She has less sleep during the day, but I don’t mind. Because by 7-7.30 pm she has gone to bed and sleep tightly until morning. During the day, when I am too tired to watch her, I just let her play alone while I am having a quick nap.

She also starts imitating several things that she sees from us like doing some praying movements, watching herself in front of mirror while wearing a hijab, putting some things to her ear as if she talks on the phone, sweeping and mopping the floor and other things. Toddler can be this amusing minus the nagging.

Things that I constantly do also have started showing its result. Like some of daily habits that I teach her for months, she starts doing it automatically. I couldn’t be more proud of her.

Then, Happy 20th, Langit Senja! Keep healthy, happy, and funny like you always be, dear. I love youu!

A rare happy smile in an outing day

Hijabi baby


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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