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About French 

Every family, every house have some cultures other than their origin which influence the members, either in the way they live, think, or do things.

In my initial family, it was french. We were exposed by lots of french things since we were kids. My late mom was once a french teacher in previously CCF, now IFI. She also had been teaching in other places like the embassy, schools, or the oil company.

My mom and my dad was a high school friends and they met once again in my mom’s workplace when my dad was learning there for his scholarship. For this part, it is pretty similar with my own story with le husband. Then, my existence also started because of something french.

Some converasations in french were often carried out in the house so it can’t be helped for us to understand some vocabularies in the language. Among us three, I have been the one who is always eager to learn languange. After spent two months in Manchester, I started learning English by myself. Reading and dictionary checking became new exciting routine for this 4th grader.

Started my french lesson for the first time while I was grade six. The teacher of course was the in-house one. But, unfortunately, having your own mom being the teacher didn’t guarantee that you would be fluent in an instant. In fact, some lessons were often cancelled due her personal excuses like fatigue or something more important needed to be attended. It was surely quite dissapointing. But, it didn’t stop me from learning. I love reading and the books about french were everywhere in the house. The big and small dictionaries were also available. So, whenever I would like to learn  I just chose one simple reading.

I had a chance to learn french properly after I graduated from college.  Signed up for a class at CCF and thanks to my mother, I learnt there for free. I studied for 2,5 years and I really enjoyed it.

Having lots of knowledge and exposed by all things about this surely made me drool a lot to visit the country. Actually, when we went to England, France and Benelux (Belgia, Netherland, Luxembourg) visas were already stamped in our passport. Unfortunately, we got chicken pox. So, the only one who went to Paris was, no one other than the french teacher.

If I am not mistaken, throughout her life, my mother had been to France for four times. She went once before she was married and thrice after. She went in 1982, 1994, 1996, and 2011.

The one in 2011 was a bit special. CCF regularly sent their employée for a month training in one of cities in France. Usually, it’s not the big city one but more to small city like Grenoble, Nantes, or Lille. My mom was chosen to go in 2010 but they had condition she had to wear off her veil. She refused.

A year later, she was chosen once more. They said she really had to go this time and she could keep wearing her veil. It was quite funny as if it chased her persistently. I was dying to join her but it was not impossible. She was so lucky even there were lots of teacher there, twice in two years in a row, she was offered such chance.

I loved the french class a lot. Really enjoyed learning there eventough the class was 7-9 pm after work, but it felt like a stress reliever for me. Like piano, which I didn’t do it because I loved it, this one also  I missed the class rarely to never. What made it more enjoyable was because I was above the other students thanks to the teacher at home, hehe.

Other than the language, french cuisines were also something we enjoy at home. My mom, unlike her daughter, was a terribly great cook. One of the best french dishes she made was the quiche  lorraine. It was so much better than any cafes have. We also enjoyed lots of french products like the jam, cheese, bread, cakes. The last time she went there,  half of souvenirs she brought were all about food like I wrote here.

Learning its language, eating its food, reading a lot about it, even once went to its independence celebration in Jakarta have made the desire for visiting this country becomes a constant stomach ache for me. I desperately want to go there. In my 20’s, I regularly bought USD for me to go there. Few times I planned to go but it seemed out of my reach. Among my three biggest dream before marriage, only this one wasn’t fulfilled. I did the other two : master degree abroad and Hajj.

After marriage, this one keeps haunting me until today. I won’t be able to sleep comfortably for a long time if I don’t keep trying for this. I have told my husband once he finishes his study, I really want to go, alone or together.

I know I will be there one day, by all means possible. I will have my pictures taken in front of La Tour Eiffel, sitting by Le Seine watching sunset, eating ice cream at Jardin du Luxembourg, strolling around in Champ Elysses, admiring Le Palace du Versailles, Musée du Louvre,and  Le Cathedral de Notredame, enjoying le soir at une cafe in a little Paris street. I will speak french in its origin country. There will come the day when I will be living like a true Parisienne for few days.

Like I have always been believe, God knows but He waits for the right time. He has been fufilled all my dreams for these 30 years. There’s no way He won’t for this one as long as I keep going for it. My turn will come, someday. Amin.

Have a good Friday!


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