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The World Against (Y)Our Introverted-Child

It’s been quite some time I have been thinking about some matters related to the baby class we’re currently joined in. Since it’s not a review, I wouldn’t spell the name.

This class is where the parents are also participating in the class. The facilitators are child psychologists that help you to explain the activities and then they give the job for every family to do it. It is just once a week class for an hour, on weekend. It should be good one at our first expectation.

After two terms joining this class, we realize something about Langit. She is the type who can’t and actually won’t join any activities that don’t give her enough interest.While the other kids are sitting with their parents doing the activites that have been assigned to them, she makes us busy chasing her here and there. Last term, she was really interested in little broomstick around the corner. So, everytime we come to the class, she went to the back of the corner and took the broomstick.

It was surely beyond our expectation knowing our little girl is this type of student. But, worse part about this one, it is enough to make one of the so-called psychologist doesn’t (really) favour her until at the point of ‘leaving’ her behind. I realized this thing after few first weeks of the class but didn’t talk any of it to anyone. The only thing for sure, whenever Sunday came, I felt something hard on my chest,even harder when le husband is not around.

The bell rang when one day le husband threw one sentence told me that certain facilitator didn’t really like her. Ouch, it’s stung and hurt, knowing even le husband who was occasionally absent realized it too. Then, it was pretty obvious, wasn’t it?

As I was being a teacher myself twice in a school, I know this type of student is surely not teacher’s favorite. But then, it was a huge heart-breaking when this type of student is your own child. This class is not only excluding the baby, but also make us feel like an outcast parents. The judgmental look was there and said it all.

However, joining this class also gives something good for us. It’s eye opener and mind-enlighting. We become knowing our baby better and what kind of things we should improve as parents.

Long before, I know Langit is absolutely an introverted-child. She likes being with herself and doesn’t really fond of others, especially strangers’ presence. She doesn’t like to be touched by others too. Even when she and me of are being in the same room, she can play by herself.

She is an observer. She’s not the type who learn things obviously doing trial and error in front of people. She will observe first and then doing it without others knowing. Like going up and down through the stairs all by herself safely, for instance. While most of other children around her age still need assistance and guidance when they’re climbing stairs, Langit has been doing it all alone for some time and it has been okay, Alhamdulillah. Others may say I am careless. But, before that, they just have to witness how the baby is doing it.

In the future, it’s our homework to help her make things work when she should have to be in other circle but home. Being introverted is not something you should ask everyone to understand.

It’s okay to be an observer, but there will come the time when she has to sit, listen and do what she has been assigned. It’s okay if she’s not interested in something, but there are still rules that she has to obey, whether she likes it or not. It’s okay to enjoy herself alone, but there are things that she can only achieve better when she is doing it with other people.

Knowing there are some people who don’t really fond of your cute little daughter exist is surely on another level of heart-breaking. I believe, she will even have to face this kind of people alone later.

It’s not our job to make everyone love her because she is being what she is. But, it’s our job to prevent he to be intentionally unlikeable because of what she does to others and how to deal with this kind of things. She will later learn and understand these kind of people are present to give her lesson and toughen her. She just have to use her brain and heart to overcome this.

It seems that looking for a formal school in the next few years should be carefully selected from now. At least, having teachers who have the least willing to understand every students differences would be a great help to us as parents and the baby herself. How I wish to meet a teacher like the one in this article.

Well, it’s Monday though. Let’s start working (on our problems) now.
Bon Lundi!


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