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A Granted Wish : Happy and Sad

After 2012, right after having the second big dream, the passport was expired. A promise then made, it wouldn’t be renewed until the next destination was clear, which by that means the third big dream. The third one also the longest one I have been dreaming.

I truly, sincerely, wanted once the passport is renewed, I must have known that I would be going within short period. I promised I would have this certain visa stamped on the first page of the new passport. Other than that, no need to bother renewing the passport.

Today, the wish is granted.

Started a whole real journey three months ago, prepared all the requirements to apply the visa and made sure to have no mistake so it will have the least possibility of being unapproved. Been reading almost all available articles to avoid any mistakes. 

Submitted the document a week ago, without any missing documents needed. 

One week later, an email received said the passports had returned.

Went to collect it today and when the envelope was unsealed, then..

The visa was there. 


The first thing came across my mind was my mother. She was the only one who really understands how much I have been longing for this one. Sadly, she was no longer here when I truly make it.

It’s such a big happiness to have the wish granted today, remembering all those things that I have been going through to get here. But, it’s quite sad knowing the person I really want to share this with was no longer here.

Maman, j’ai le fait. J’espere que tu me vois la bas. Je fait mon troiséme rêve.

Donc, au revoir à ton ville!

Je suis vraiment alleerrrrr!!!!!


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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