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Recap : The Twenty First and Twenty Second Month

Sorry, Baby. Mommy has been so(k) busy these days. With your uncle departure, grandpa’s health, aunt soon to be due date, our next big project, fiuh. Glad that dramaland is currently quiet. Too much demanding attention these days.

So, these two months have been very pleasant. You have been improving sooo much. New words are heard everywhere and everytime. This improvement shows that you really seem an injury time child. We visited a sub specialist to consult about your verbal skills and she gave us two months before you’re turning two. Then, voila! Right after the visit, though some are still unclear, you have been doing pretty well. Way to go, dear. Let’s beat the time limit!

I think I can say I have passed the feeding test given from you. Now you eat like a real adult, with too quick duration, and without any hassles. You eat everything and anything. The pain of consistently feeding you during those days and months are well-paid.

Your dad is currently enjoying giving advices to his friends who often asked how to make their child eat like you. He claimed my hard work well. Yes, baby. It’s all hard work and persistence. Remember to do that for something that you think is important to you.

You are and have been always hilarious. The current most hilarious thing you do is the way you say ‘Amin’ whenever you heard imam on the mosque reciting Al Fatihah during prayer. You will wait for it eagerly and when the time comes you will halfly scream  ‘Aaamiiinn’ with the right pitch. My good girl!!:))

Other parts seem continue doing good. Motoric skills have been your strength, I pressume. All things related to physical movements seem doing well, like making a total mess by moving those furnitures by yourself, scattering things in all upstair rooms whenever I fall asleep because too tired chasing you off.

As your introvert part grows, a tiny part of socializing skill also made some progress. You’re now starting eager to play at least with Ayra and Hana, although not in the first encounter and not continously. They both are really fond of playing with you, you know. Don’t be so mean, please.

It’s another two months to go for our breastfeeding journey. Honestly, I don’t really prepare for what kind of weaning I should do. For a well-planned person like me, weaning is one of the things that I don’t either know, want, or whatever to have some plans. Maybe later.

Well, that’s all I think. Keep healthy like you always be. Stay funny!

Two munching big tummy buddies

Pretty girl in Oranje for Eid Adha 1437 H


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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