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The End of An Era

Meeting with the old friends always leave something to be thought of. This lovely bunch was a high school best friends in the third year. It’s been six…teen (ha!)  years after we graduated, lots of changes happened, yet one thing stays the same, their oldselves.

In spite what positions they are currently sitting in, more money they have, they truly are the same as they were. Instead of bragging about their achievements, new materials belonging, they share their own battle. Behind every smiles shown, each of us are still fighting our own battle. Either career, family, love life, are all present.

One may has a very good career in government institution, more than enough materials, yet still waiting for a child. One has a nice little family, yet still struggling with his career. Another one has good career and nice family, yet has to live far away from his family in another town outside Java.

In every gathering we have, some talks about the pasts were always brought up. Laughing at those good old days, when nothing worries us more than a killer biology teacher who always proposed lots of questions in every lesson. 

Or fast forward few years after, we went for a trip to Kota Tua, which turned quite failed since all the museums were closed due to public holiday, but was also considered as the most successful and happiest one.

When one by one are finally settling down, getting married, the meeting is also getting harder to set up. Unmatched schedules or any other reasons are likely preventing us to meet, and mostly the reasons come from family matters. Family event, a sick child, office/work event, etc. Everyone seems too busy to even meet for a mere ninety minutes. The friendship seems no longer on the top list of priorities.

It’s quite understandable though. I always believe, marriage, then after that,kids, change a whole game of your life. It feels like giving up half remote control of your life to these things. 

Before, whenever an idea of meeting was set, I would just go without many things to consider.  After married with kids, lots of term and conditions are applied. Please don’t be too far, too long, choose a place where it is comfortable enough for nursing, and bla bla bla.

One of a good friend from the circle, was once a tax employee and then after few years, he gave up his firm position and enrolled to a pilot school to pursue his dream. He is married with a daughter. Three years after, he finished the study and came back reunited with his family. After six months and up to yesterday, he is still struggling to find one pilot position, in spite of lots available airlines and his education background.

Looking from two sides, it’s good thing having a dream to be pursued. But in the other hand, pursuing a personal dream when we have other important responsibilities might be considered unfair. Luckily, the wife is supportive enough. Being a single parent during his study, a bread winner for the household, even after six months he came home. Come on, it’s only six months, right?

Hohoho, try that yourself.Being a husband, father, who has no job, no income, gave up the previous settle job for a dream, let’s make a bet whether you can survive for a month, IF,  you don’t have a strong partner to get your back so you can keep standing still. Not everyone is lucky enough.

Being such wife and mother is surely far from easy. There are so much to deal with. Her work at office, her 2,5 years daughter, her husband and the family future as well, and many other unseen things. Girls should really have a right and full comprehension about what it takes before deciding to settle down with someone.

Thus, when my brother once thought he would get married first then pursuing his second master degree abroad, I quite strongly against the idea. While he even didn’t have a suitable one with him yet, why bother giving up the study for such uncertain reason. Glad he could think rationally. Unless, he wouldn’t have enjoyed London as he pleases in a current time.

There will always be the end of an era where things would no longer be in your favours. Sometimes, life happens too cruel to deal with. Before such time comes, make the most of your time. Spent those happy, reckless youth to the fullest. 

Don’t stop running too early. Whether you like it or not, want it or not, the finish line will always wait for you in the end. Don’t bother to make it earlier. Enjoy the scenery to your heart’s content. Bring a lot to your brain to face harder challenges ahead.

A finish line is obviously the end of an era, but it also happen to be another starting line to the new chapter.

Of course, a higher level one.

May we all have enjoyable journey for each chapters in our life. 

Good luck.


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