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Birthday Babble*

Never really a big fans of birthday. Love the presents but not the celebration. So, apart from those in the childhood which all were done at home, never once having any birthday parties outside. Not even school.

Sad? Not at all. Being in a crowd and become the centre of attention is scary. So, I really have no problem.

Then, maybe around ten or twelve years ago, stop craving for any presents. It was quite confusing when people asked what I wanted for birthday. It felt like I had enough things already. That was when the tradition of giving money for birthday started. Nah, I loved this one better. Saving is one of my favorites things to do, bank is one of my happy places, while the scent of clean and new money is one of the best ones. Hoho!

The only thing I love about birthday is the wishes. It’s nice having those who remember one special day for you. Although the relationship is not the intense one, they always come back for birthday greetings.

As years gone by, getting less and less wishes are unavoidable. it comes only from certain ones who are always present, and I love this. I love having those who are really matters for me, return the feeling. Having birthday wishes from them is more than enough. I am all good. 

Some memorable years marked by having the dreams checked. First umra on the 19th, a letter acceptance for master on the 26th, hajj departure on the 28th, and the last one, this year. Three dreams are all checked around the birthday date.

Guess I really have enough. Physically and mentally enough. 

I live, eat, sleep, work, pray in a healthy condition. I feel save, comfortable, and suffice with things I have. I have been through and given enough lessons to learn, though some are too unpleasants, but then, it’s done.

Although I am saying I have enough above, but the rest of the journey hope to be spent by having more of something : patience.

Then, I am good.
Joyeaux anniversaire, chére moi.

* never really write on the exact day of the birthday.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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