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About Paris I : When Realities Exceed The Expectations

Currently writing from a tiny studio room on fifth arrondissement, Paris. The last 48 hours here, I am absolutely sold to this city. 

I love the area we’re staying in. It is located near of everything we need and like. Sorbonne University, outdoor cafes, small shops, boulangeries and pattiseries, bus lines to every direction we want, I love the parks and pavements, small beautiful alleys, the architectures of the buildings, no noise of pub and drunken people at night, small studio which is suitable for a toddler since there’s none to be messed up. No additional work for us to take care the mess.

I love all those kind people we met. The metro officer who was willingly explain how to use the machine, the  man in the cashier who Once refused to give me coins I asked for buying tickets, but ended give me a lot. The dames on the bus who were happily playing peekaboo with my baby. I love watching good fashion spread on the street. So chic and elegant. I love parisiens whom I met here.

In short, it feels less touristy and more like a true parisien.

We’re going out twice a day. We’re having a break in the middle to charge the energy. It’s too cold to stay all day outside. I can stand the cold since my eyes are to happy with what I have been seeing.

It’s too much gratefulness to be counted for.

Thank you for the late birthday present, universe. It pays off all the twists. More or less.

Merci beaucoup.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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