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About Paris II : Full

Went around to more places yesterday and still felt so incredible whenever these eyes and feet arrived in each places that have been longed to visit and only be seen from the book and pictures.

Those beautiful gardens with breath taking autumn colors, the stunning glass pyramid, the old cathedral of the hunchback, and the river where Moon River sung and Kang Tae Young often daydreamed.

Having lots of walk to those places until the feet felt like jellies, the back ached, the hand felt very cold, yet the heart is absolutely warm.

As an absolute introvert who loves staying at home, going this far is surely something. Nothing will really move this heart to go so far, unless it is something really worth, important, and loved. And when I do it, I do it whole-heartedly.

When people have days to visit Europe, surely they won’t stay in one city for long. They will have at least two or three to visit. Decide to use all days in one city is  bit wasted.

But, for me, in spite those conditions that prevent me, if I were going alone and had the same days available, guess I would still use all those days in this city.

This city is worth every pain years of waiting, every efforts made, and every failures happen during the making of the efforts.

It’s lucky I chose you, Paris. You should be honoured.
Thank you for the very warm welcome. I am full (of happiness).


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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