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About Paris III : The Choices

Everyone has their own way to enjoy their holiday and nothing’s wrong with that. Being in one of the city which has lots of museums for couple of days, is not necessarily makes me visit all those famous museums.

I enjoy parks a lot. So, visiting Jardin du Luxembourg, Jardin des Tuilleries, and soon Jardin des Plantes and any small parks is compulsory. I love eating and good food, so the money often goes to local food we try. Enjoying quiche lorraine, macarons Maison George Larnicol, Lamb Kebab from Resto de Louvre, Falafe du Liban, and next choosing the best croissant near Boulevard Saint Germain. I spent money happily for that. 

I really love good shoes (with reasonable price), so I spent days going in and out to almost every shoes stores available in Boulevard Saint Michel, Boulevard Saint Germain, Rue Four, Rue de Rivoli, and any other small Paris street and it makes me happy (blessed my husband and my baby who were patiently waiting). Enjoying all the sceneries along the way during the walk, the smell of coffee and bread from the outdoor cafes, so pleasant.
I am not into art or too much of history. So, I skipped the famous Museum Rodin or Picasso any those museums that I don’t really understand. I feel it is unwise to spend the precious time and money for something I don’t enjoy.

So, in the end, holiday should be spent with those things we cherish a lot. There’s no must this and must that. You put lots of efforts to go to your dream places, make sure the efforts paid off by being happy and satisfied with the result of your efforts.

A bientôt! 


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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