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A closing

    Ah, so we finally arrive at the end of the trip. I have so much to say but couldn’t describe well what I feel.

    This trip arguably is one of the most magnifique one I have ever had. I couldn’t express how much grateful I have been for the past four months, more, for the past eight days I spend here. 

    I enjoyed every steps, every little and big things I saw, every scent I smelt, every words in the language I spoke, every single things happened during the journey in this city.

    There were no easy way to achieve all three dreams. All three had its own hardships, cruel twists, rocky roads, but then, they were all paid off once I was living it. 

    After two years of searching the possible and suitable universities to pursue master degree abroad, Allah sent me to the closest one from home. He knew I couldn’t survive being too far from home for a long period. A part of my heart left in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. First dream : checked.

    Although I have visited Mecca and Medina twice before, it was on another level when you did it for Hajj. Started saving nine years before the journey, confirmed to be going five years later, and finally went Hajj four years ago (please do the math on your own). A greatest journey, to the greatest place in the world, to the centre of a human’s heart. Second dream, Mecca for hajj : checked.

    The last one has the longest waiting, the furthest distance, the hardest and lots of requirements, the most expensive expenses, and the least help resources available. 

    Once the ticket confirmly booked, the longer path was waiting until the end of the tunnel. Everything was planned without any experts, no wonder though sometimes it was frustrating, it also felt very satisfying. We absolutely did everything from the scratch. 

    When the steps touched every corner of this city, saw all those places by  the very own eyes, walked     around and got lost until the smallest alleys, found a hidden gem where few euros where spent, met the very charming parisiens, greeted by ‘bonjour’ and saying ‘au revoir’ almost everywhere, the heart couldn’t stop crying and spelling thank you for finally  having this dream came true. 

    Re-read this post and smiled. The one and only Paris for the third dream, in the most favorite season : beautifully checked.

    I have three big dreams and had all those three checked greatly.
    Half of me now really can rest in peace. I am completely done with my self.

    The other half part is about passing and teaching this ability to my daughter.

    The ability to live diligently and have good things to pursue, work very hard to make it happen, patiently waiting for the result, stand up again and again after failures, and believe that she will really get there one day.

    I am what I am now because of what my parents showed me. Nothing less. There will be no dreams at all without them taught me.

    I praised Allah endlessly for fulfiling all those three and thanked both my parents whole-heartedly for raising me to the best possible path one could ask for and having their enourmous support to achieve whatever their children want to pursue.

    Thank you for such a great and pleasant journey with all the lessons, Paris. I absolutely have a nice stay.

     I’ll see you again, one day.

    À bientot!

    The best and the last lunch out in a French restaurant.

    The last evening at Boulevard Saint Germain intersection

    Croissant and coffee for the last breakfast at the cafe which won the 1st place for the best baguette in Paris 2016

    Last sunset in Charles de Gaulle as the sign end of a day, as well as the trip.

    Glad to be back home.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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