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The Enjoyably Challenging Second Year

Another year has passed!!


Motherhood is surely never getting easier by years. When you’re done with something, then another one followed. It will give you new things to learn until the end.

Second year might not be easier, but it is surely more enjoyable in some parts that the first year wasn’t. Second year allowed us to go as far as Paris, enjoyed the trip healthily and back home happily without having too much concern about doing breastfeeding in public, bringing baby’s food here and there, finding baby chair, or baby friendly restaurant.

The perks of having little help around is you can (and have to) do almost everything by yourself. It might be tired sometimes,but honestly this one really works for both of us well.

These two introverts work best when it is just the two of us. Since months ago, we’re able to go here and there by ourselves. Either by driving alone or by taxi,even bajaj. Groceries, pediatrician visit, playing in indoor playground, or wherever as long as the distance is reasonable. Without any companions, it’s more enjoyable,at least for me. The baby, as long as she has her snack,books, and some songs to sing, we’re good.

Being with her 24/7 makes almost everything that I set for her work efficiently. She eats nicely, sitting on the chair until the end, eat what has been served, three times a day. People are often surprised knowing what she eats. She eats pare, kuabugis kambing, curry, ikan balado, she eats all.

I have seen enough parents who do almost everything for their children. With everything, I mean like small tasks that the child actually can do. Since I have no help, the best thing to do is to teach the baby to do things for herself by herself.

She knows now that she has to put her shoes in the rack, changed her clothes after going out, put  the dirty laundry in the basket, return things to its places, and she has some small tasks like when it’s time for fruit shopping, it is her job to put he oranges to the bowl. She will happily bring a plastic bag of oranges to the kitchen, then put those one by one to the fruit bowl. Then, she puts the plastic bag to the rack.

She also knows that she has to clean up her own mess. Whenever she spills something, I give her tissue then she starts cleaning. Though it’s not that clean, it’s good enough for a two year baby. After cleaning, she puts the tissue to the trash bin. 

One of my golden rules for her is she can’t take, play, or use something that doesn’t belong to her. She start having better and better understanding with this. Once, in her grandma’s house, she saw a phone on the table and seemed interesting in it. She looked at it for a while and seemed want to touch it. Then, she stopped and left it alone.

Even when she took mine or her dad’s, when we ask it back, she runs fast and give it back while saying ‘hasyi’ (makasi-red)😀.

She knows it’s time to pray when adzan is heard. She knows she has to be silent during adzan. After I finish praying, she will sit on my lap,raising her hand like doing pray position, then I recite the pray. At the end, she will say Amin happily. My hilarious baby girl😁.

Showing anger,dislikeness and similar unpeasant emotions is someting challenging to deal with on this second year. More patiences are keep being uploaded (slowly).

Her vocabularies are getting better by days. Some songs she has been halfly able to sing it start being completed. Like her favorite alphabet song, the letters are now almost completed all. Two words sentence is still on progress. 

Alhamdulliah, until now, she hasn’t tasted any medecine and go to the doctor only when it is her vaccine schedule. While she also doesn’t let me experience the famous GTM. A healthy child is worth more than any big amounts of money.

Well, mother surely talk (and brag) a lot about their child (and their achievements), don’t they?

Then, I have said enough.

Saying that I had little help around might be true and untrue.I surely don’t have any babysitter or full time helper taking care the baby, house, and the men. But, I surely always have the invisible hand whose help always comes in the right time.

The assurance that I won’t be ever left alone, going through whatever things happen to me, gives more strength than one could imagine.All of us being healthy, financially suffice, no, it’s not merely on us. It’s the One, The Greatest that allows it to be happened.

So, our greatest gratefulness always be for Allah Al-Mighty.

Happiest birthday, Langit Senja Almakirana. You don’t need to be the best in everything. Be the very best of the ultimate version of yourself. You’ve been doing well and will keep doing so.

I might often being impatient. Bear with me,  baby. Nothing I have done and will do unless I hope it will be good for you.

Be very sure that you will always have my loudest, longest,and most sincere pray to be with you through all the way.

Too happy, are you?😆

Keep healthy and happy like you always do. I love you.

The little pianist in Charles de Gaulle boarding lounge

Ready for more adventures, shall we?I am more ready than you are, Mom😉


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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