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School is (not yet) Cool

Parenting provides many theories that will give you headache when you try your best to follow them. It sounds good and ideal when you read them, but when you go to the real practice, nah, no single good theories seem fit to every parenting. 

Combinations of parents situation, support systems, child preference, and many other things that make one thing works well with some while fails for others. School, baby school to be precise, is one thing that we thought before would work well for the baby but turned out it didn’t.

School here means a playschool. An hour a week, with parents involved. We thought she needed some interactions with other same age kids, and my sister in law recommended one that her child attended.

The first term we joined the class, it was far from our expectations. The baby was hardly enjoy the activities, less attentive facilitators, more, it gives me anxiety. While other families were busy doing what’s been instructed, I was busy chasing the baby here and there. More, le husband was rarely present due to his shift schedules. So, when others were at least a team of two or even three, I was often a solo fighter. Eight out of eight meetings, never once we skipped it. No matter how anxious I had been, I am never a quitter.

Finished one term, did we give up? No, we signed for another term, reluctantly ( for me). Thought it might be better since she had it for the second time. Thought she would and should have been more familiar with the activities, the class, and others.

The second term turned out to be … not any better. It made at least both of the mother and baby felt tired enough. I decided to stop coming after six meetings. We had had enough. 

After she turned two few last weeks, the schooling idea was brought up again, more from her dad, to make the verbal skill better. I have been torn in between. In spite my hesitations here and there, I didn’t just sit around and wait. I visited nearby daycare and pre-school, asked about their programme, and sadly, not one suited me. Instead of explained what they have, do,and offer there, they went with the numbers we should pay first. Such a major turn off.

Last week, she had a trial in another one with le husband while I was working and the result was pretty much same. She couldn’t stand being inside for quite some time, doing any sitting activities, but survived well in the playground.

I am getting more and more certain, she hasn’t been into and ready for school yet.

I decided and had it pictured from a long time ago, once I am a mother, I will stay with my child while working for several hours, in certain days. Lucky enough, the wish is granted. I work three days a week, for maximum of four hours, in a close distance workplace from home. Even one of them is within walking distance.

I strongly believe, no matter what and how, the best nurture in early life of a child comes from the mother. I believe the baby’s first and best school is the one at home with the mother. Even in Islam, it says the children first madrasah (school) is mother. No matter how lazy,ignorant or whatever bad things the mother has, guess no mothers want their child to be lack of something. Same goes with me.

I might be not that expert, nor patient, but I surely care about my own baby. Taking care the baby alone pushes me to read and read more. Combine it with my own intuition, up to now, we’re doing good. Alhamdulillah. I dare say, except the verbal skill, the baby is somehow doing differently well from others, like these and this.

I have been pushing myself to go out more often,bring the baby to groceries, driving somewhere nearby, enjoying ice cream at the restaurant, just two of us alone. Surprisingly, I enjoy it a lot. Even more pleasant, the baby seems happy too. We sing during driving, mentioning name of things, or eating snacks. She sits nicely next to the driver, me.

We have a singing time every Wednesday morning. Sing the children songs while I am playing piano. She is able to sit only up to four songs, the rest she is doing it while going here and there.

Then, today I found a very good reading that matched my questions about sending a baby this age to school. The answers bring my confidence back and happy that what I believe is something that I can still hold on to.

The current best school for my baby is still at home, with me.

Have a good read on this one!


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