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New Year’s Wishes


It’s been quite some times after the last post in 2016. New number on the calendar means another year closer to the expired date. Haha, such a gloomy first greetingšŸ˜€

I stopped having certain clear resolutions after 2012. It was when my steps were finally slowing down after several years running fast, hard, and going here and there a lot. 2012 was the year of fulfilled-dreams. Years after that, life had been more of living the real life dealing with marriage and motherhood.

2016 gave some surprises beyond the wildest thought. Never thought that Paris was finally checked in 2016. The long awaited and most wanted Paris was granted beautifully. 

But then, nothing good comes easy. 2016 also gave one of the most unpleasant surprises. Some relationships meant to be changed due to some circumstances. I nearly forgot there had never been great things fulfilled without having some precious ones taken, like 2012 did to me.

When most people said 2016 was absolutely terrible, I came to say it was terribly great in both ways. Paris was equally worth the pain.
After the big three dreams were all accomplished, I don’t have much to be looked forward to for personal stuff. The wishes become more abstract. Motherhood becomes top priority. I am pretty much done with myself.

So, let’s pray for more strength and patience to be bestowed to go through whatever life brings this year. Health and wealth in true faith until the end.



Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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