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The Happiest Face

Langit’s taste bud has been expanding widely. She literally almost eats everything, with a very wide range of tastes. Bitter, sweet, plain, savory, spicy, light or heavy spices, she eats them all. One that I know she has been constantly less preferable is egg. Any kind of egg dishes. 

She stopped having baby’s food completely around thirteen months. As she started her first table food on her eleventh months, she started having exactly the same like the adults had. I also gave more spices to the food. 

Knowing she had no problem with pepper, I continued with chili. Now, she eats any kind of sambals. She loves tomato sambal, but one that works well with her is dabu-dabu. 

She has been soup number one fan. So, soup is almost never absent. Chicken soup, meat and vegetable soup, tofu soup, and the most epic one that she likes a lot is lamb soup.

She enjoys some particular vegetables like cucumber, brocoli, sawi putih (don’t have any idea in english), and bean sprout. Some vegetables with coconut milk like pumpkin and sweet corn is also a yes for her.

For protein, fish is on the top of her preference list while chicken is the last. Funny how she has quite similar preference with me. Ah, she doesn’t really keen on soysauce dishes.

Lots of times, I captured her very best expressions were ones that she had during eating. She looked so happy and it made me even happier watching that and couldn’t help recording it. Hope she’ll keep being an adventurous eater like she has been. Apprendre les cuisines en France, si possible!

Keep happy and healthy, baby!

Eating tauge and labu kukus for lunch starter. Look at that wide grin and smile!

Finishing kuah bakso like she couldn’t get it enough.

August Coiffeur was right.

Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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