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Extended Breastfeeding

After this breastfeeding journey, it turns out the breastfeeding adventure still keep going after two years. Why?

Hm, why not?

Before saying why not, I have tried several ways to wean peacefully. But, it didn’t work and it was quite understandable since I am practically at home most of the time. 

After some times, rather than trying hard to push the baby to stop breastfeeding, I chose to find some references about extended breastfeeding. The result shown, either from medical and religious perspective, there is no harm of doing extended breastfeesding and it is allowed to do so, as long as both mother and baby are having no objection to that.

My sister in law whose daughter is at the same age with Langit has succesfully done with weaning, with some dramas. Facing the crying, tantrum for several days to a week. I don’t think I could go through such thing, for the sake of my sanity. I don’t have any stuntmans available daily to cover me dealing with such things and days of unnecessary dramas. 

Or, am I just lazy? Well, maybe. Don’t mind to be called lazy since it is not wrong too😌

Thus, with these references and experience, I decide to let this weaning process be done naturally. She actually doesn’t do this much anymore. No longer doing it while we’re going out, even several nights she goes to sleep without breastfeeding. 

On the 27th month, her verbal skill has been improved so much. Counting in bahasa and English, one to ten in bahasa, one to twenty in English, naming things and colors, remembering family names, singing her favorite children songs, and surprisingly singing one she heard often from her parents like Frank Sinatra’s Moon River. Grandpa Sinatra must be very proud.

She’s on the way for a complete Al-fatihah and parents pray which she constantly asked being recited after shalat.

These two years, I have been given almost all ideal things in this motherhood jungle. Vaginal birth with IMD, with a very quick process, a complete breastfeeding without having any single drop of formula until now, feeding the baby with home-cooked meal and not once (yet) she’s having any instant baby food, a baby who eats well and doesn’t let me experience even once, the thing called GTM.

I have a freedom to choose being a stay at home mother with a flexible part-time job, with a workplace within walking distance, a healthy baby who,until I write this post, hasn’t once tasted any medecines, even for fever or cough. Too much to be counted all blessing we have for these years. 

When you’ve been given so much more than what you need, it should go without saying to return the favour more than what you asked for.

Two years is the time asked for in breastfeeding. I hope doing the extended breastfeeding also extend the blessing and all goodness for the baby’s physical and mental health in the future, as well as mine. Amin.

Happy (extended) breastfeeding!


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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