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Full Day (Almost Night) Potty Training

Taking care this baby alone teaches me that I am not as strong as I think I am. Not strong enough to beat my anger, not strong enough to be more patient, not strong enough to beat the laziness.

Thankfully, those bad things could be covered with one good news. I am sure I am not ignorant. Despite being lazy, it won’t stop me from doing something that I think is important enough.

Potty training has been on my head for quite some times. I planned to start it after she’s turning two. But again, it takes a strong will to drag me out of the comfort zone (using diaper, I mean). Keep postponing the plan until I don’t know when. My laziness won a lot.

One Wednesday when my aunt said something about teaching the baby to pee and poo in the right place bothered me. Langit is now 27 months already. I have limit before that I want her to be potty trained before she turns 30 months.

It was a week where I had no one to be taken care of beside the baby. My father was on a trip and le husband had his shift. So, the very next day, the potty training officially began.

With this, I prepared everything like changing the lower folding mattress with tikar, covered the couch with perlak

The first day was a quite disaster, as expected. Five times cleaning the pee, and once for poo. It was Thursday and I had my fasting. Since I knew that accidents would be unavoidable, I was with my full tank of patience.

But, it didn’t make the training less tiring. Cleaning the pee and poo weren’t everything. Here, we have to teach the baby how to tell us when she felt the urge to pee and poo. So, every certain time, we put the baby on the toilet and tell her to pee. Mostly pee. No single attempt was perfectly done on the first day. 

I had a battle in the evening whether to do this directly day and night or just doing the day one first. Finally, I decided to do the day first. Like office hours 7-5. So, Langit has been without her diaper start after the morning bath and wear it after her afternoon bath until morning.

The second day was the time when I almost gave up. Haha! The second day and I had thought about giving up already, thinking the baby wasn’t ready yet. I had hold a diaper on my hand and ready to put it on. Then, the baby suddenly said,”pipis,” and I hurriedly bring her to the toilet, then..

She did it!!!!

I was too happy. She did it!! You didn’t know how a little thing like watching your baby doing pee for the first time in a proper place could make a mother being so happy.

Then, did it mean a victory?

Of course not.

On the second day, accidents still happened with less numbers. Only twice happened for pee and none for poo. None means she didn’t poo at all during the time without diaper.  

The day after the second , felt a lot easier. She’s getting better and better in telling us whenever she wants to pee. Until now, for pee, it’s been almost zero accident. Whenever she is in the toilet, she does pee happily😄.

We skip using potty. For me, it’s not an effective way for a toddler. It makes double job also for me. Cleaning the potty everytime she is doing pee or poo is burdensome.

I was doing a lot of reading related to this. Both domestic and foreign articles. One of the reasons I almost gave up on the second day was one of the articles that said if the baby wasn’t ready, it would be better to wait. A story from a mother said it took her months until the baby passed the potty training, which I found it scary.

It is obligatory to fully stay at home for the first few days of the training. Both of us stayed for the first five days. We went out for pediatrician visit on the sixth day. 

Was it with or without the safety belt?

I decided to be a bit bold by using NO DIAPER for the firsr time outside. After pediatrician visit, we stopped by the nearest mall for a quick lunch also. Then, we went home.

Result? We safely arrived at home without any accidents.

Since morning, I had arranged her fluid intake and made her pee twice or thrice. Right before we left, she did her pee quite much. Then, right after we arrived home, she did it again. I assumed she had started knowing how to hold the urge.

Until today, two weeks after the first day of training, we have been having almost a week without pee accidents anymore. Poo? We just had it yesterday. The second poo accident after one in the first day.

A surprise came this morning when I found her diaper was totally dry a whole night. Maybe, we should proceed to the night training as well. Just maybe for now. Let’s see for more evidence.

Usually, I ask her to go to the toilet around thirty minutes after she takes any drinks. Sometimes she does it and sometimes she doesn’t. For these few days, it’s been much easier because she now tells us when she feels like to do it.

An article said that potty training is a big milestone. Not only for the baby, but also the mother or parents. I totally agree with this.

I couldn’t express how happy I have been whenever she’s doing her pee on the toilet. It’s a big achievement for me. I take potty training more seriously than weaning. For me, weaning will be done naturally. Or so I believe.

So, happy 27th month without diaper, baby girl! 

Enjoy your presents 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦!


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