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Day and Night Potty Trained Checked!


As I wrote on the previous post about Langit’s potty training, it’s quite unexpectable that a month later we could do the rest of her training. At first, I thought she might be better mastering the half day training first.

Last Sunday was the beginning when we went outside and the baby had to wear her diaper since we’re quite moving and it was quite difficult to find a proper toilet. Arrived home, had her last meal, and took a bath, the idea came up.

I thought she had been using the diaper all day long, wearing it again for the night might bring her back to the comfort zone. Well okay, not only her, me too. So, off we go without the safety belt for the first time at night.

We always have dinner before maghrib so after that we can be ready for bedtime. No baby’s stuff after maghrib is my golden rule. After maghrib is my resting time. She can’t eat and drink too much anymore after maghrib. That night, since she had been going around all day, it made her tired enough already. So, after maghrib, almost no energy left with her and she has an early night sleep.

She slept on her usual place and I put the plastic cover sheet just in case she peed during the sleep. Woke up at 4.30 as usual, all was dried. Yipppi!!

The first thing to do when she woke up was bring her to the bathroom and she peed happily. Pretty much. The next day was even easier.

It turns out that night potty training is easier than the day. As long as the fluid intake is limited before bedtime, make her last pee before climbing to the bed, accident could be avoided. It’s almost a week and she has been going through the whole night safely. Even in the day, accidents still happen sometimes.

We now can go outside without diaper if we know where she can pee comfortably or we know the length of time being outside.

In my potty training experience, I use no other helping stuff such as cloth diaper, training pants, or the small portable potty.  It works better, faster, and more efficient without those things for a lazy person like me. Simply drag the baby to the bathroom whenever she wants to pee or poo. If accidents happen,  just clean the spot and the pants, then change it to the new one.

I used a long or oversize shirt without any pants at the beginning of the training. It helped a lot reducing pants to be washed since accidents happened still quite often. It also helped the baby a lot. Why? Because when she had no pants, she was able to say when she felt the urge. When she had the pants on her, she thought and felt something was there to catch her pee or poo, so she just went on peeing and pooing there. Maybe after two weeks, she had her pants back. It also trained her to wear on and off the pants by herself.

It feels good being free from something addictive. Feels even better knowing it’s accomplished within the time limit. So we can move on to other big things.
Congrats, baby girl!

You too, my dear self. Good job.


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