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Malindo Air&Qatar Airways Flights (with a toddler) to London

I didn’t really remember how the idea came up about departing from KL instead of Jakarta. But, maybe you tended to be more creative to find any way possible to achieve something when your resource is limited. Of course, money talked here.

After the first tickets from KL to London had beed purchased, the search moved to the ones from Jakarta to KL. The considerations were on the suitable schedule, duration of transit, maximum baggage allowance and price.

Flying from KL to London with Qatar Airways had been decided because it had more comfortable schedule than Emirates. Though lots of reviews still prefered the latter, but I’d been once flyng with them, so I’d like to know one thay I haven’t tried.

In the other hand, the search for JKT KL tickets was more intense. Flying with low cost airlines was surely out of option. We needed one who had the same baggage allowance with 30kgs that Qatar Airways did. I love one with generous baggage alowance, although I won’t use it all.

For such short two hours flight, most of direct flight airlines only give 20 kgs of baggage allowance. GA, MAS, KLM only allows economy class passenger to bring at the maximum of 20 kgs.

Once again, an answered pray was given. I found Malindo Air while browsing for these tickets.

Malindo Air is actually Batik Malaysia which is also the part of Lion Group. All management handled by Malaysian. It has low cost price with full board airlines features such as 30kgs baggage allowance and meal on-board. 

The prices for four tickets were beyond reasonable for me. Even with such price, I made a bussiness class ticket purchase for my father for the return flight from KL to JKT. Considering he would have been so tired after hours of flying and transits, sitting in a bussiness class might give some comfort to end the trip. 

I won’t reveal any numbers here since different standards applied of what we call reasonable. Just go visit the website and decide whether it’s truly reasonable.

Malindo flights were quite acceptable. The plane was clean, spacy leg room, and it was very much more comfortable than MAS. But, it has frequent delay histories for it JKT-KL flight which gave me a very severe stomach ache. On the day we flew, everything went smooth and on time until we boarded the plane. 

But then, it didn’t take off until an hour from the original schedule. It supposed to take off at 1.10 and it truly happened at 2.15. 

The flight was quite acceptable. They provided chicken sandwich pizza and sweet brownies as snacks along with a glass of mineral water. The cabin crews were not that nice, not too helpful unless they were asked, and in both flights, the pilots made such very very rough landings. So uncomfortable. But then, let’s forgive them for those faults and focus to the advantages.

Other than its baggage allowance, one of the reasons when choosing Malindo Air was because it departed from Main Terminal KLIA. So we didn’t have to move to and from the other low cost terminal KLIA 2.

An hour delay made the heart racing so fast since we had to catch another flight which has almost zero delay history.  With this kind of arrangement, we had to go through immigration and baggages handling then proceed to check in counter once again.

Although the next flight would be at 20.50, but Qatar Airways always board the passengers on the plan an hour before the schedule. We arrived at KL at 5.20 pm and the immigration line was very long. 

I put the title with those ‘with a toddler’  words in a bracket because here’s one of the main advantage about traveling with little children. They are the one who will beat the line for us. All queues we had in this trip, Langit Senja beat them all for us. Except in one place, her very own hometown, Jakarta. No exceptions given here. We suffer together with others😊.

As expected, flying with reputable middle east airline was very different. We enjoyed it quite much. We had very helpful staffs on the ground until those attentive cabin crews on the plane. The meals were satisfying, I could order water as often as I wanted, the child meals I ordered were above expectation. They were tasty, lots of snacks, and came with an exciting lunch box for kids. The flight entertainments were varied, from the very new ones until the old ones. Cabin temperatures were quite cold for me. 

However, few notes were also taken here. I booked four seats in the middle so we could have the hand-rest up for the baby to sleep more comfortable. But, we didn’t get it for the KL-Doha flight and vice versa. The arm rest couldn’t be fully lifted. Another one, instead of hot towel, they threw wet tissues for the early refreshment. I prefered hot towel like one I had when I flew with Turkish Airlines. Wet tissue wasn’t suitable for my dry skin.

Other than that, we were good. They were very punctual, we could choose our own seats and modify it as much as we can, very very helpful staff (I appreciate this one the most), smooth take off and landing, enjoyable in-flight entertainments, and of course, a very large, beautiful, and exciting transit airport in Hamad International Airport.

So, if I am being asked if these two airlines are recommended for traveling (with toddler), in spite of their own lacking, the answer would be yes.

Thank you for taking us to our destinations and flying us back home safely!

KLIA Boarding Room
The busy Hamad International Airport
The famous iconic giant doll in HIA


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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