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Virgin Trains to Manchester and Liverpool

During our 7 days in London, another two cities were added in itinerary. Liverpool was there from the very beginning, while Manchester was added in the last minutes, thanks to Virgin Trains.

I had been eyeing  train tickets to Liverpool since London tickets were bought. It costed around £ 100 for three persons return for 2 hours journey. For me, it was quite expensive. I proposed to the doctor for him to go alone, so he could enjoy his trip to the sacred place. He refused.

During the searching, the price once went up above £ 100 and I couldn’t help regretting my hesitation. But then, I decided to keep waiting. 

In the mean time, going to Manchester idea was popped up. My father seemed very keen of such idea. Another research had been done and it was even more expensive than Liverpool tickets.

My mother taught us one of the most important skills that we should have in life : ability to wait. If things don’t go your way, wait. Try harder, search better, pray louder. Waiting has been saving me from lots of harms in my life. It did once again about buying these tickets.

While the departure date was getting closer, none of those tickets had been bought. One morning, I checked once again the price then I saw the advertisement. 

Virgin Trains celebrated its 20th birthday and they were giving extremely cheap tickets promo for many destinations in UK. London-Birmingham was as cheap as £4 one way, and bien sur, £8 return. CRAZILY CHEAP.

When I checked the price for Manchester and Liverpool, I couldn’t be more happier than that time. An normal price for an adult London-Manchester return costs around £ 30-40 something. With this promo tickets from Virgin Trains, I paid, …wait for it…

£ 90 only!!!

For 4 ADULTS and 1 CHILDREN!!!

Less than £ 100 for five persons. We stayed one night in Manchester for the sake of old memories. Having longer time to recall the good memories from the past absolutely needed.
How about Liverpool?

For this city, the promo wasn’t as extraordinary as Manchester, but still very much cheaper than those numbers I had been eyeing for some time. For Liverpool tickets, we got £ 79.50 for 3 persons. 

The best thing and also the worse thing from these western countries, they are so punctual until the very last minute. The trains to Manchester departed at 13.00 and we were almost losing it. We ended up running from the bus stop until the platform to make it on time. We boarded the train at 12.54, the door closed two minutes before the schedule. Exactly at 13.00, the trains were moving. So did the trains to Liverpool at 7.07. Exactly at 7 minutes past seven, the trains were moving.

As expected, the trains were clean, spacious, and not full, so we could move to several empty seats to have window seats. The view along the journey was very beautiful. England suburban with huge farm, brick house, animals farm, spring flower, such an eye candy. We really enjoyed the journey.

Thank you for the kindness, Virgin Trains!

Dream catcher
Window view
Little house on the prairie


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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