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Hello from Liverpool

I expected Liverpool to be as quiet and laid back as Manchester. But, it turned out to be above expectation. At least, their city centre is surely much better than Manchester’s.

This one was a compulsory itinerary. While Anfield is just two hours away from London, of course the liverpudlian couldn’t miss it. The first four days, we’d been moving a lot.

We arrived in London on Monday morning. Then, we departed for Manchester on Tuesday afternoon and got back on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday morning we left for Liverpool. It was only three of us while my dad stayed in London woth his son.

The train to Liverpool departed at 7.07. We managed to leave our Air bnb at 6.10 and reached Euston at 6.30. Manchester’s drama wasn’t repeated, Thank God. We even bought some fruit snack first in Sainsbury inside Euston.

Arrived at Liverpool Lime Street at 9.20 and once we got out from the train station, cold breeze attacked with the rain. Really, that freezing weather was truly the enemy of our trip. London, Manchester, Liverpool, we had it all.

Watching the old architecture around the city centre felt so exciting. We boarded on the bus that took us to Anfield. It turned out almost all of the passengers on bus no. 15 to Anfield were mostly tourists who wanted to visit the legendary stadium too. 

We arrived at Anfield around 10.20 and the closest stadium tour would be at 11.00 am. Instead of going anywhere, we decided to stay warm inside the Liverpool shop, of course buying some merchandises. 

At 11.00, the tour began. It was quite lots of people. Surprisingly not only men or boys, some grannies were on the group too and they were sooo passionate. Really interesting. They asked questions, took pictures, and so on.  Not only the stadium, we also visited the board room, the VVIP room where some selected guests watched the match, and paid £25.000 to sit there. Not only that, they couldn’t go alone and had to bring another guests instead. So, it takes £50.000 to watch there. It doesn’t stop there, they had to pay for two seasons minimum. So, all in all, please do the math. 

The tour guide was absolutely charming and pleasant. He joked a lot and  for the standard of cold British, he was very warm. I am not a fan at all, but I didn’t know why, this stadium felt so warm. The pictures, interior, and the people inside the tour. It’s £17 per person very well spent.

Done with the stadium tour, we could visit the museum without any guide. I lost my mood because of the cold weather and hungry tummy. Once the doctor finished his museum tour, I nagged him to go back to city centre to find some food. 

We couldn’t make time for Beatles museum since our train back departed at 15.47 and it was 12.30 already. Too risky.

We had lunch in the city centre and found one noodles restaurant without any porks and it was so delicious. Done with lunch, we strolled around the station and visited Primark and another Liverpool store nearby.

Back to Lime Street station at 15.15 and the trains were there. It was quite full in our coach but still acceptable. Arrived in London at 17.59, tired and happy.

I had my Paris in autumn last October.

He had his Anfield in spring last April.

We’re even, right, Yobo?

The dream place
The youngest liverpudlian in the stadium tour group
Before me, this is the doctor’s first wife and forever girlfriend.
Liverpool Lime Street
Strolling around the city centre and doing some window shopping and real shopping. It was such a gloomy weather that day.
This is Anfield.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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