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London-Manchester-Liverpool (With A Toddler and A Parent) : Day 3 – 5

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Day 3 : Manchester

Early morning in Manchester was even colder and colder. It was 2 degrees celcius. What kind of spring was that?😬😬😬

This morning we went to visit the famous Red Devil’s home in Old Trafford. It was not that far but we were a bit lost since the GPS map showed us another place called Old Trafford. We managed to get there after asking here and there and a short taxi ride.

We didn’t have the stadium tour here since none of us were a fan. So, we just took some pictures, circling around, sat down by the nearest bench and decided to continue the trip to Piccadilly city centre.

We used to visit Piccadilly city centre often. Enjoying summer sunshine with ice cream, played in its garden, and visited the Debenhams to buy Polly Pocket. This time we just strolled around, stopped by the pharmacy to buy a lipgloss and Primark. The doctor needed a warm pants to cover her legs.

We returned to our Air Bnb, packed up the luggage, having light lunch, and heading to the station.

Arrived at Euston at 14.30 we went home directly. It was quite tiring, and I felt needing some sleep.

We didn’t go outside anymore after this. We had to catch 7 am trains to Liverpool tomorrow. So, we had to leave home at the very late as 6.10 am. Early sleep was a must.

Day 4 : Liverpool

I wrote about Liverpool in a separate post, so guess there’s no need to repeat the story here. I had my Paris in Autumn, the doctor had his Anfield in Spring. 

Maybe this is one of the best things marriage could bring : to help on another to complete each other dream, together.

The trip highlight : Anfield

Day 5 : London

The rest of the trip spent in London, finally. Moving here and there was quite tiring. But, since we did it for a greater cause, it was forgivable. This day, I told the squad that we would leave latter, because it was Friday, and there would be a Friday prayer. We left home around 8.30, not very different than our usual schedule.

Today’s schedules were Buckingham Palace, St. James Park, Parliament Square, and London Central Mosque for Friday prayer. The doctor also had an appointment to meet his best friend who’s taking a master course in radiology in UCL.

We planned to meet at Buckingham Palace but it turned out we met at the bus. In one of the bus stop to Buckingham Palace, this friend entered the bus. It was such an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

Reyhan kept going with us to St James Park, Parliament Square and London Central Mosque. St. James Park was very big and beautiful. The baby enjoyed running around, chasing animals, feeding the doves, and screaming happily.

Having such a huge park in heart of the city is truly envious and they have many, not one. When will we have like those ones here?😞

Strolling around St James Park brought us to another place called Parliament Square. It was like a small park where many statues of famous people were built. We had Big Ben from another point of view than we had from the first visit. We waited for the bus to the Central Mosque there.

We had lunch at the basement of the mosque. The Chicken and Lamb Biryani were quite good. We also had a cup of ice cream for the baby and vegetarian samosa. The ice cream was a yes, a not for the samosa.

While the men was doing the prayer, I spent the time by chasing around the baby inside the women prayer hall. It was quite lot of people there. I didn’t join the prayer since I couldn’t leave this rabbit unattended.

Right after prayed, another friend of the doctor joined too. It felt like a small reunion for his year. We proceeded to another of his bucket list : Abbey Road cross road. It was where the Beatles had their last album cover picture taken. The famous four were crossing the street.

Abbey Road turned out to be an ordinary small road where buses and cars were passing by. In front of the crossroad, there were the small museum and the shop. The doctor had his picture taken crossing the road while pushing the stroller😄.

Finally, the three friends were parted here and continued their own journey on their own. We took a bus to King’s Cross station.

I was actually quite grumpy that day. I wanted to visit Natural History Museum but the distance wasn’t pretty convenient. So, with a heavy heart, it was skipped. So, done with the Abbey Road, I insisted that I wanted to visit Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross.

Platform 9 3/4 located inside the station. You just have to walk straight until the end of the station from the entrance door. The trolley and the wall barrier were there with lots of muggles queued up to have their picture taken while pushing the trolley with the scarf flown for £ 10.
Of course,  I missed the queue. I prefered spending the time and money inside the shop next to the monument. The shop felt more like a magic shop packed with muggles who were shopping for their Hogwarts school appliances.

Notebooks, pencil, pen, gloves, scarf, hat, bag, shirt, and many merchandises were available. I decided to buy a bagpack from Gryffindor. Although it was quite expensive (for my wallet), but let’s close the eyes for I wouldn’t have any other chances to visit this place again during the trip.

We had a short walk from King’s Cross to visit one of the luggage store nearby. I needed a four wheels cabin luggage so during the return, I wouldn’t have to carry bags wihout any wheels, which I did during our departure and it was pretty exhausting. Another lucky deal gotten in the luggage store. A green four wheel Samsonite was on a discount. Made a purchase for £79 only.  A good price tag indeed.

A direct bus to our home and its stop was just few meters away from the luggage store. Not for long the bus came. My father wanted to visit an ice cream shop along Angel Islington which he noticed several times when we went home. So, we made a stop in Angel Centre and continued walking. Just few meters walking, a little book shop was having a big discount and I couldn’t help stopping and shopping.

A bundle of six books from Legendary St.Clare’s Twins, Guess How Much I Love You series in autumn, winter, and summer, and few of very cheap children books. What a heaven! I had the intention to go back once again later.

It turned out the ice cream shop was not as near as we thought. But, with a better weather than the previous days, the big pavement, we decided to enjoy Angle-Islington by walk while having sight seeing to the shops on the left and right.

Udderlicious was a home-made and hand-made small and cozy ice cream shop. They had few customers when we were there. We bought three cups of their ice cream and yeah, they were utterly delicious.

We had been outside from morning and when we finished the ice cream it was almost 6 pm. Time to go home and rest.

A bus to Balls Pond Road sent us back home after a long tiring, yet happy day around London.

Buckingham Palace
St. James Park
Brunch time at St. James Park
Big Ben from Parliament Square
Westminster Abbey. It’s where some famous were buried and the royals got married
London Central Mosque
A wall to Hogwarts
Magic shop
Gryffindor’s merchandises

Goodbye for now!


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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