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London-Manchester-Liverpool (With A Toddler and A Parent) Day 6-7 (End)

Mistakenly clicked the trash button and the long-written-PUBLISHED post gone in an instantđŸ˜¢

Rewriting those long stories are too lazy, of course. But, after some time, I’ll need the writing to back up this forgetful brain, to cherish the happy moments in the future. So, here we go.

Day 6 : London

The sixth day agenda was another trip to city centre. Actually, it’s more to shopping centre. Both my sister and sister in-law asked to buy some clothers for their kids in Primark. So, the first stop is Primark Marble Arch. 

It was quite lucky to arrive there when it was just opened at 9 am. There is a bus which go directly from our airbnb to Primark Marble Arch entrance door. I spent almost two hours looking for the orders. Really, it was totally not my happy place. So many people and crowded. But, it made sense. They offered such a good price for everything there. I couldn’t help buying something too for others. And myself too.

Wait, didn’t I say this was my unhappy place?đŸ˜’đŸ˜’

We spent half day strolling in Oxford street. From west to the east. I wanted to have the famous Shack Shake for dinner. The closest store was on Leicester Square. 

Shack Shake was quite full during lunch time. I had to wait for some time until ours were ready. We were quite lucky to find four seats by the window during those crowded time. Their portobello mushroom and fries were good. Price was so so. 

We continued walking to Trafalgar Square where we planned to meet my brother there. We wanted to retake the same picture as we did in 1994. It turned out Trafalgar Square held a Vaisakhi celebration that day. So, it was full by Hindunese culture, Indians people, food, music, and art.

I couldn’t really enjoy Trafalgar Square that time. Me and crowd would never be a good match. We went home after retook the picture.
Having a break on mid day was a very good idea. We did it in Paris and we enjoyed the afternoon trip more after recharging the energy at home.

We strolled around Angel Islington once again in the afternoon. I went back to the small book store to complete my Guess How Much I Love You Series. After that, I wanted to visit a kitchen ware shop which I had been eyeing everytime we rode on the bus. I needed new thermos since the old one was broken.

We found the shop and yes, the thermos was there. Happily buying the new thermos for £ 12. We continued walking until the bus stop. It was almost 7 pm and it was time to go home already.

Oxford Street Crowd
The trio apparated here from Bill and Fleur wedding when the dark mark appeared. If you know what I mean.
Leicester Square
Trafalgar Square
Afternoon stroll in Angel Islington

Day 7 : London

The planned itinerary was going to Greenwich Park. The reality said no. Since it was the last day and some things were still missing, so off we went once again to Oxford street.

Since it was on Sunday, the stores opened as late as 11.30 am or 12.00 pm. So, we went to Regent Street then continued to Kensington Garden.
Kensington Garden was the favorite royal garden of the late Princess Diana. Some of its benches were written by messages for her. There was a small playground too and Langit was so happy.

When it was about the time, we went back to Oxford Street to find what we needed. In spite of the crowd, Primark is truly one stop shopping place where you can buy almost everything without went broke.

We had a plan to visit my brother’s place after done with the shopping hassles. We took the bus to Shoreditch and first stop would be Brick Lane Sunday market.

It was quite hard to believe that Brick Lane was the place that drew the biggest smile on this group of mine face. Both my father and the doctor kept telling this was the place they have  been craving for. Crowded small alley with lots of good street food, street musician, second hand shop, a real market to shop. Different hype and vibe from Oxford and Regent street in a very pleasant way.

My brother’s place was within walking distance from Brick Lane market. He told us that his class mates, two of the closest ones wanted to say hello to us. So, after few minutes arrived in his place, his friends came and we had some conversations in the living room. It was good to know he really met nice people there. His british and japanese friends were very warm.

Another highlight of this trip occured when my brother introduced us to his host. An old British man who lived accross my brother’s room. After having some conversations for a while, he said something to my father that hit me hard.

“You should be proud of him. He’s very nice and most importantly, very polite. Young people these days are having less manners to older adults, but your son is exceptionally very polite. You must be very proud of him,”.


I want those words too for myself some time in the future.

What could have been better knowing that you’ve done a great job raising your kids? Having those words spoken by a stranger, whose culture is quite different, who met your child only for few months, yet telling you such words above in a very sincere way.

In the end, through this trip, I had been reminded once again, it wasn’t your look, wealth, social status, intelligence, or whatever things that attached to yourself that matter the most. Manners and kindness are ones that win the people heart.

Arranged this trip was not easy.  It took lots of time to research about this and that, countless reading, full attention to the smallest details, with the thought and hope my father would enjoy this trip. I guess it was fulfilled.

Having trip with your parent might not as free as when you travel with your own family only. But, for me, it was worth all my time spent to make this happened.

We won’t be here forever, and our parents won’t be around forever too. Spend more time with them, travel to some places, and we’ll find something more than just things we buy on the stores or good pictures we take to be displayed in our gallery.

I thank Allah endlessly for making this trip happened smoothly, without any unpleasant things during the trip.

I want more.

I want more.

(Later child, set your next priorities right first!).

Well, okay. 

See you then, airports!

Kensington Garden

Kensington Garden

Last picture of the squad before heading back home


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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