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Thirty Months Updates

It’s been a while since the last babbling about the baby. I know she is no longer a baby, but still, she is a forever baby to me. Older baby.

Successful toilet training is the biggest milestone achieved this month. Although we had started since the end of last February, but she is only really nailed it recently. It means we had no longer accident, day or night, she can tell when she feels the urge (not like the previously when we had to put her every certain time and told her to pee or poo), also when we go out, she is no longer use diaper too. So now, life is much more easier for this part. Fully toilet trained, halfly saved the precious budget to other things. Alhamdulillah.

Verbal skill is still on progress. Being exposed to two languages at home, she prefers to use the foreign language to refer things around her. Such as using ‘banana’ instead of ‘pisang’, although she knew when we asked her, “banana atau?” She would answer ‘pisang’. Two-words phrase is done and we’re still going and waiting her sentence. We realize she’s somehow late, but since we observe that she keeps improving so far, so we decide to wait and home-train instead of asking outsider help. 

I am not against any speech therapies. But for me, I prefer waiting to interferring BECAUSE we keep seeing her improving. If she hasn’t been doing so, maybe we take another more advance step. Beside, like I have always been doing during my 2,5 years of motherhood, waiting. One that has been saving me from lots of harms and disadvantages. I am going the same with this thing.

School. We consider, again, to wait. I have come to a certain decision that it is still not the time for her to go to school.


She’s just half ready yet. 

I set certain points about her school readiness. First, I want her to go to school when she’s already fully toilet-trained and it has just been done recently. Second, I want her to be able to help herself doing things for herself. Example? Wearing clothes alone (shirt still on progress, pants done),  wearing her shoes (almost done), putting back things to its places (done), cleaning her own mess (done), helping herself for drink or snack (drink done, she enjoys having water from the dispenser by herself. Over-enjoyed, if I may say. Snack, still not allowed. She still doesn’t know how to stop munching. Eating by herself is halfly done. 

Other than those daily things, I want her to be emotionally ready too. I have been observing her during her social interaction with other kids and quite proud knowing her being quite mature. 

She knows how to play by herself, knows to not take things that doesn’t belong to her, knows how to soothe herself when she misses something, she is careful and quite easy when others are doing something that disturbs her. Like whe  she was playing with a toy and her cousin wants to play with it too, then she just gave it easily. Surely later she has to know when to defend herself, but for now, I prefer her losing for a winning. 

Two of her cousins are the type of ones who couldn’t see when other held somehing that they didn’t, so they would ask for it too. So, whenever they play together, she’s been followed around here and there. When she did something, they wanted to do it too, when she played with something, they usually took one she had. It’s pitiful sometimes, but that is fine. It is only a toy, for now. I told her she could play it again later. The bright side, we know who is the leader here. She decides what she wants to play. Not by imitating others.

We had ifthar jama’i last week and I saw the difference between her and her cousin whose birthday is only two weeks apart from her. The way they handled their anger, the way they ate on the table, the eating manner itself, the way they cleaned their mess, I couldn’t be more pleased watching the differences between her and her cousin, in a (very) good way.

Sounds like an annoying brag, right?😆

It’s a brag of course. Which mother doesn’t brag about her achievements these days? I am just like any other mother.

I also encourage her to practice saying thank you and sorry in a suitable situations. Thank you has been acquired better while sorry, we still have to remind her for that. 
I will feel more ease to send her to school when she has been equiped by the basic life skills and manners she gets at home. I want my and her dad’s rules that become her guide to do well outside. To herself and to others. It’s not the school jobs. It’s ours. 

School can teach other things that, I believe, could be accomplished more easily, like reading, counting, or whatever things they do in school.
Basic life skills and manners, it is and should be on us.

I have been eyeing certain schools within our reach. By our reach I mean the location as well as the budget. Since I am quite knowledgeable in this field, choosing one that suits us better, in any ways, is also important. We agree not to go to those highly expensive famous school, despite the result they offer based on the parents testimonies. 

Her most important education will take place at home. One that she goes outside to is for her to see the differences and goes along, adjust well with it. That is why I prefer a school, until certain grades, which allows her to spend only half day of her time there. 

This is also why I stay at home. One who needs and deserves my most energy is her, not works. I enjoy working part time with such flexible schedules and being apart from her only for several hours. At least, during her first years, I think staying close to your child is the best. 

I had worked crazily enough before motherhood. Seven days a week, in few places, and enjoyed it all. Money was so good of course. Even now, money feels as well good though the numbers are not as big as pre-motherhood. Big numbers are no longer appealing when it means leaving her more.

Okay, time to go now!

Keep healthy and happy, Langit Senja!😘😘😘


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