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Thirty Three Months Update

Unlike the first two years which each month progress was updated regularly, after she turned two I only do a recap. She’s going three in few months and I think I start having ‘time-flies-so-fast thinking phase already.

She keeps doing well, even exceed expectation if Denver II chart is the reference. She has :

– fully accomplished without accidents toilet training since three months ago (she started at twenty seven months).

– been able to count from 1-20, forward and suprisingly BACKWARD, in two languages.

– recognized all kind of shapes. 

– alphabets, with or without orders.

– been able to sing few songs completely and knowing do-do pitch.

– been able to mention kinds of animals, all colors, things, etc, in two languages.

– motoric skills are good.

– social skill been improving a lot.

– Al-fatihah, Al-ikhlas and five first verses of Yasin are almost done.

– Eating, drinking, taking care her things, doing what has been assigned, sleeping well in her own room, she’s good.

Thus, those above become reasons why I still postpone school. We had visited one of the candidates and after long talk, we decided she hasn’t needed yet. Why? From the discussion with the school person, what they will teach in playgroup level, she has got it and nailed it at home. Almost all.

She even isn’t three and I think, or we think daily school is still too burdensome for her. We have no problem with early morning wake up since we all wake up before subuh and she mostly has had her breakfast set done before seven am. But, sending her to a classroom still can wait for another year.

Motherhood will never be going easier, but for these three years, it’s been quite bearable for me because of many things that help me through this. 

Staying at home most of the time, working only few days for few hours, having no one to interfere my rules to nurture her and having good daily schedule are one of those things.

I am beyond thankful for such blessing and wish to continue having them around.

For the closure, Happy national children’s day. May all children is healthy and happy!


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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