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Major Throwbacks

This month brings a lot of beautiful memories happened a year ago. Been looking at those pictures taken in the city that once had been dreaming for a long time.

Doing massive throwbacks in another platform is unavoidable. Autumn has been always the most favorite time to travel. Seven days having Autumn in Paris was one of the best trips of all time.

Looking back all those years of trying to make this happened, the failures, the emotional break-down, even the desperation to forget this dream because it felt too hard, too far. Too impossible.

It turned out the right time was just around the corner if the time had come. Unintentional action turned to be the key to unlock such big dream. Unintentional, but never a coincidence. I truly believe every single thing happen for a reason and invisible hand does exist to do something beyond an ordinary human calculation.
So, some pictures to reminisce the great time spent in the city, shall we?

Inside the Grand Mosque de Paris

The first glimpse of the lady right after stepping down from the bus
Jardin des Tuilleries in a sunny autumn
Skipping such line because of the little girl. The perks of traveling with kids.

Champ de Mars

The famous Seine
Under and inside the glass pyramid
Pont D’Iena and La Defense taken from Eiffel Carousel

Je te manque beaucoup, Paris.

I’ll be back.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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