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The Third Ilana Tan’s Trip : (Late) Winter in Tokyo

The second English post in 2018 and it is dedicated to one of the most favorite topics and things to do. Another Ilana Tan Trip is coming. After Autumn in Paris 2016, Spring in London 2017, now it’s , Winter in Tokyo 2018. Well, actually, it’s quite late to call it winter, but it was still snowy at least till beginning of the March and since I don’t think I will survive the cold during January and February, and many other reasons, so March it is. A bit pushy, isn’t it?

Like previous trips, it started when crazily cheap full airboard airline promo with DIRECT FLIGHT was found. Even the low cost airline couldn’t beat the price offered by this one with all those benefits because LCC has that long hours of transit which I consider is quite useless and wasting time. When it comes to traveling abroad, full board airlines are always better choices. Also like those previous trips, after long and days of consideration, consultation, three paxes tickets were bought.

Thrice went abroad with my little family, it was never really being planned. They were desired of course. The want is there. Some people prefer when travel to some countries which needed a visa, they will make sure the visa is granted first, then issued the ticket, I almost always go for buying the tickets first. Ticket price is more costly than visa. So when the chance and courage are there, grab it fast is always a better choice.

Unlike Paris and London which had a very strong motive, Tokyo is not really like that. As an europe minded person, visiting Asia’s countries is not that tempting. Visited Singapore once, and never have any will to return. Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia are another story. They were once home for me. But, other than that, I have not enough strong will to visit the other countries. No matter how much I like watching korean dramas, visiting the country is almost not on the wish-list.

Tokyo was once considered last year when I found, yes, again, quite good deal tickets from another full board airline. The minus was it had a transit. For 7-hour destination, a transit is such a waste. But the price was quite agreeable.

So, cheap ticket was the main trigger (actually, I often feel like it is not me who finds the cheap tickets, they are the ones who find me😄😄). No matter how often I read and heard the beauty of Japan, the happy place Tokyo is, the heart is quite hard to be moved.

Another motive might be because of Ilana Tan. Since two previous trips had been done according to her book, so the third one would make it a nice serial trip.

When Paris was pretty high in expectation and excitement, London and other 2 cities were highly anticipated, Tokyo is low expectation with medium excitement. We have no specific places that we want to visit badly, for the first time we just feel like seeing what Tokyo offers to us.

Hopefully, the offer as good as what other people said about the city. Amin!

Off we go to Tokyo!



Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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