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About Tokyo

Writing this from our tiny apartment in Bunkyo-ku. Seven days of Winter in Tokyo have reached the last night.

This city might be not as exciting as Paris for me, but two that move me are its food and people. They are both are genuinely nice.

Expensive? For me and my family, yes. This one even feels more expensive than Paris and London. The fact, it is more expensive for the transport and food.

Since we highly consider of eating, so the food here means proper one we had at restaurant. When it comes to food, we spent more lavishly than things.

Unfortunately, this city also offers those little things they sell in their cute little shops nearly everywhere we have been to and softly slowly emptying our walley because they’re too irresistible. When we think ‘ah, it’s only xxxx yen, just buy it’ then, those yen piled up and we happened to have to withdraw another amount of cash again. The thin line between cheap and expensive is totally unclear.

We loved exploring alleys. Seven days here, we found lots of hidden gems inside those alleys. Like a small shop around Ueno that sells made in Japan children clothes in a very affordable prices, a little shop around Korakuen that sells cute merchandises, too many to mention one by one!

The people. I couldn’t say much about them, but after talking with these people for a week,

can I say Japanese or Tokyo-san people number on qualities are kind and mindful? They always have other people in their mind. When they’re asked for help, they will help as much as they can. More than we could think of. They’re really kind by nature. More than Paris and London, I feel very safe in Tokyo.

Throw some pictures first before another closing post is coming.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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