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Japan Airlines to Tokyo with Toddler

The trip started when amazingly cheap ticket price offered by this airline.

I always start with some research with the question, “how cheap is cheap?”. For Jakarta-Tokyo, the normal price when you take FULL BOARD airlines is around 7-8 millions rupiahs. When the doctor talked to one of his Japanese colleague, he really surprised to hear the price we got for 3 pax of tickets while he had nearly such price for 1 ticket only.

I bold that full board airline because some low cost airline also offer the flight with very slight different compared to full board price yet with the facilities very less than the full board one. Going with full board airline is always a better choice for more than 5 hours destination.

As we had an early flight, we checked in safely without crowd, passed through immigration quickly and boarding on time. They were actually ready take off precisely at 6.45 am but it seemed they couldn’t avoid queuing for runway to take off. So, they just really took off at 7.10 am.

One of the perks of traveling with toddler : you beat the line even to those in bussiness class😀.

We had a very nice departure and return flight. Legroom was wide and I found out later that JAL won the best Economy Seat Award in 2017. Compared to Qatar Airways when we went to London last year, this one was surely more comfortable.

One of my best impressions was the non-stop service from the cabin crews. Along the 7 hours flights, they literally didn’t stop going back and forth offered something. Any kind of drinks or whatever it was. It was totally different than what we experienced with Turkish Airlines.

Their meals were pretty good for me. I rarely finished any on-board meals, but twice having those from this airline, I finished it clear and clean. They also had this snack that Langit really liked until I dropped my pride to ask for two other packs of the snack. They provided ice cream cup as dessert. Walls for departure flight and Haagen Daasz for return flight. Another indicator that the meal was quite good : Langit enjoyed it as well. Not only the ice cream.

For kids amenities, it’s just a standard one. Maybe because it was just a 7-hours flight. Langit get key-chain plane doll for departure flight and pensil case for return flight.

I was more than satisfied flying with this airline. I even considered to go with this again later, IF, we would take another long haul flight in the future.

JAL deserved at least 4.75 stars out of 5.

Why not 5 out of 5?

Their return cabin crews were not as impressive as the departure one.

Hope it helps!



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Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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