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Langit Senja in Tokyo

When Autumn in Paris was the hardest since it was the first time, Spring in London were bearable and manageable in spite those hours of transits, we could say Winter in Tokyo was very much easier.

Knowing Langit had survived Paris and London, we were pretty confident with Tokyo and she turned out really nailed it. She enjoyed the food a lot, survived all day being outdoor with very little crankiness. We decided not to go to Disneyland because it was too expensive for her age. In spite of Disneyland, we decided to let her having a dose of playground everyday which we found a lot in Tokyo, unlike in London. We let her play for an hour, mingled with those Japanese toddlers. We even visited a large indoor playground near our apartment, not free of course and it was only for an hour.

Unlike Paris and London where buses were available for our itinerary, Tokyo has very limited choice. Not even once we took bus to go anywhere. So subway was the only choice and way to reach the train were very long with lots of stairs. We made her walk down the stairs on her own. It was slowing us down for sure, but that was fine. She enjoyed doing it alone. When the passage was too far, we let her to hop on her stroller again.

At this age, she had been to place I could never think of when I was her age. The hope that her steps could go further than her parents could take her to is surely high. Amin.

Tokyo dome
Ueno Park
Meji Jingu Shrine
Yoyogi Park
Tokyo Tower
Shinjuku Station
Korakuen Station Playground


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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