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A New Adventure Begins

Safely finished five years of residency was surely one of the biggest blessings in this marriage jungle. Far from easy, shitty and stormy, yet, we made it to the end.

Some decent jobs in good places had been offered and one had been gladly accepted. Another blessing that no time needed to apply here and there, waiting for interviews, etc. Even the salary has been paid right after the interview. To call it a mere blessing is such an underrated word. We are extremely grateful for this.

The end of an adventure is always a door to the new one. Right after residency, the health ministry released a new policy : Compulsory service for five major specialist doctor to go to some remote area all over the country for a year.

WKDS is destined to be our new adventure. The waiting was pretty torturing and took some dramas. Some offered that too good to be true once made but then, if it’s too good to be true then it doesn’t exist. Prayer had been made to ask the best place appointed.

The announcement was out before we departed to Tokyo. A small regency in South Borneo become our destination. A small city with 30 minutes flight from Banjarmasin, the native land of my father. Maybe it’s so right to say we will always be back to our root. Among thousands of cities in Indonesia, my half hometown is destined for us.

Unlike previous traveling that planned thoroughly and had enough time to make preparations, this one is really stressful and high tension. Ticket had been booked just 2-3 days before departure, price was far from cheap, and it took two flights to arrive at the city. We’re pretty lucky because there is a flight with small plane so we don’t have to ride hours of trip by car.

Commuter and long distance marriage mode is on. It is not the first time we’ve dealt with this, yet, it doesn’t make it feel easier. I survived those endless shift schedules for five years, yet knowing it would take months until another meeting is truly scary for me. Hoping my patience will cooperate well this time.

I love traveling to new places. But this one is quite different. Who knows what one full year could bring? It scares me a lot.

But then, like every previous steps taken and destined for us, the helping hands were always there. Surely know that we’re never being left alone. What had been appointed is always the best plan more than we could expect.

So, the utmost trust placed to the One whose hold all affair and decision. May this new adventure brings lots of new learnings, bigger blessings, and we’ll be back safely after a year.


To Tanah Bumbu we go!



Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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