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Eid and Lost Traditions

Eid has been identical with some traditions hold in each family. When the original team were all here, mine would be massive cleanings and changing new sheets in each corner of the house before the D-day, then early morning breakfast with black forest and our home made cookies before heading to the mosque. Right after Eid pray, we went straightly to both grandma’s houses.

As life changed drastically in 2012, so did this Eid traditions. Some (are) still (trying hard to be) kept, but it is surely unavoidable to let go some. More,with Langit arrival in 2014, even more to let go. At first, it’s hard to let go those rituals that have been kept for years. After all, that’s what makes Eid special. Such traditions wouldn’t be available in the other day. Those brought and created special warmth too in our home.

This year marked some major traditions that should be let go due to certain circumstances. No gathering at home and we have a restaurant instead. Last year was my father’s turn to hold family gathering at this house and this year is the second child’s turn.

Not because she doesn’t have a house, but more of she can’t and doesn’t want to do it at her home. Thinking about the hassles to host thirty something people at home, preparing here and there then taking care all the mess after all guests return. So, a decent restaurant is a more logical choice. Paying those expensive food is much better choice than dealing with the mess at home.

It’s absolutely unimaginable in the past year to celebrate Eid in a restaurant as if all family members have no home to hold once-a-year gathering. But, there’s nothing we can do about that. After my grandma passed away last year, a strong reason to gather all members has been loosen much. By this year, my father only sibling who stays out of town and comes to Jakarta every Eid, decides to stay at her home this year. Who will push her to come? None. It truly takes a strong figure to gather people.

It was quite sad previous years, but this year, I take it more lightly and just accept those unevitable changes. Having the doctor at home for Eid is good enough for me. The rest is just complementary.

I couldn’t help wondering what changes next Eid will bring for next year, if my time will arrive by God’s will.

Eid Mubarak à vous tous!


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