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Lazy Parenting

Found an article this morning that led me to two other articles that speak what I feel and have been doing for these 3,5 motherhood years.

Never know this term does exist and couldn’t be happier it does exist and there’s nothing wrong with that. Guilt is motherhood bestfriend and to be freed at least a bit from that is relieving.

As the article says :

Lazy parenting is about intentionally providing your child with opportunities to develop a sense of self-efficacy, which in turn will bolster confidence, independence, and responsibility. It’s about mindfully stepping back to allow your child to struggle on their own for a minute rather than rushing in and rescuing. It’s about letting your child find out just how much they are capable of. And they actually are capable of a lot!

It explains things Langit can do at her age like dealing with her bathroom stuff by herself like pee, brushing her teeth, and sometimes bathing herself with my supervision.

She takes care her own dirty laundry, wet towel, as well as dress and undress herself.

She helps herself to prepare her own cup and put a bit of sugar when she feels like drinking hot tea, pour water when she wants to drink, or getting some snack she would like to eat.

She chooses her own clothes, from undies until the outer, wear herself the socks and shoes and she loves walking too.

I have no one to help in taking care of her, more with the doctor is being far away, it’s even less help at home. I need to make her do her own things, at her capacity, to make my daily life a bit easier.

In general, intentionally lazy parenting is the shift in thinking from, “I need to move in and fix this for my kid” to, “I need to step back and see if my kid can manage this on their own. It might take longer and be messier, but if they can do it themselves, then they should.”

Whole-heartedly agree with the statement. If it’s something that the child can do herself, then they should do it herself. Help once or twice would be fine, let them do it alone next time.

Raising my daughter without my mother taught me that parents wouldn’t always be present for their children. There are lots of time when we should deal with things on our own as a child. Such ability is not innate, it should be taught properly and it starts by dealing with the simplest thing in the child’s daily life.

I remember about writing this previously about Lima Beda Tentang Langit.

Thank you for showing up with these articles,

Full article could be read here :


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