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School is (finally) Cool

Next Monday will be the beginning of Langit’s new adventure in a new place called school. A real school life. After postponed school for some time, she finally shows us that she is ready for that.

I once wrote about school is not cool and it was almost two years ago. Right after that not too pleasant experience, Langit had lots of chances to see the world and had been going places a lot. They were surely more interesting school for her. From Paris, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Tokyo, Solo, Jogja, Surabaya, until Tanah Bumbu. She survived long haul flights well, enjoy lots of new tastes in many places she visited, played in many playgrounds and beautiful gardens, traveling to lots of new places at such young age.

At the beginning of this year, after several meetings with pediatrician, she started her therapy sessions twice a week. This session actually feels more like a private playing lesson. Unlike our previous experience, which made the heart feel so heavy everytime we had a class, this one is a light-hearted one. So grateful that she gets a very kind facilitator to play with for an hour. It’s been seven months and we plan to keep coming.

On May, we enrolled her in a daycare nearby once a week. We try to put and expose her to a larger group. Eventhough it’s only once a week for six hours, she gets enough experience to interact with other children and we’ve been through it with almost zero drama like crying when I left her, etc. She’s been spending six hours there pretty well.

Guess it’s true. When the child is ready, she will be truly ready.

We finally came up with decision about which school to go last May too. After lots of school visits, paying registration fees to some schools, we decided to send her to the very first school we visit. It feels good because I am an avid believer that the first answer is rarely wrong.

It’s a quite new school, still trying to gain new students, and unlike many other parents who prefer the more established one, we choose this school.

We love its big and wide playground with lots of toys. A swimming pool is there too. It’s located inside a housing residence, far from busy road. I once also had a doubt about sending her to less known school, but after what we’ve been through in these past six months, we finally came to a conclusion that we need people who’s willing to understand her and some environment where she could show something that she’s good at.

I found this willingness in the school principle character. A middle-age kind lady who’s been pretty helpful and shows that Langit’s English speaking preference will be fine here and it’s just matter of time when she could acquire bahasa Indonesia as well as her English. Apart from the fact they are still trying to get students, but it’s quite soothing knowing the teachers themselves are eager to help. I once wrote about how I wish to meet this kind of teacher for Langit  like one in the article of this The World Against (Y)Our Introverted-Child.

We told the pricipal that we don’t expect much as long as she is happy to be there, eager to join her friends sometimes and do what the teacher told her to. In fact, we have already mentioned that we prefer letting her stay another year in kindergarten when she is not ready for elementary.

There is possibility that we might be wrong, but hopefully we won’t be or at least, whatever wrongs that will come in the future, it’s all repairable.

I have been praying a lot the same and usual pray that I always recite whenever coming to a new place. For us to meet the kind one. It has been always answered and hopefully this time will too.

Sending my little girl to her first world out there after keeping her safely 24/7 for 3,5 years are surely scary.

Goodluck, baby.

Be ready, mommy.



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