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Swimming Lesson

It had been some times when we were thinking about enrolling Langit to swimning lesson to get a proper training. So, when her school distributed extraculicular form at the beginning of August, we didn’t hesitate to sign up for swimming. It turned out Langit was the only one from her class who went for swimming class.

The lesson runs every Friday afternoon with 3-4 other older kids. Most of them are in primary school grade 2 or 3. At first, I was quite dobtful if she could keep up with them or they could tolerate a little girl joined their group because of skill level difference. Gladly, after first lesaon, the coach said he didn’t have any objections for Langit to join the Friday class with those older kids.

I am quite satisfied with the lesson as well as the coach. After eight sessions, Langit has freee from any arm floats and really start learning to swim properly. She enjoys and keeps looking forward to her lesson too. It’s a joyful feeling to see her enjoying something that we consider important for her life. Hopefully she keeps the excitement and the courage to learn until she really masters all swimming skills.

We are pretty strict when it comes to swimming. Along the lesson, one of us keep standing by the pool to keep her focus (pardon our annoying voices on the videos). Swimming is not a mere sport. It’s a must learn and if possible, master, because it’s one of the most important survival skills.

First Meeting

Fifth Meeting

Eighth Meeting


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