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It’s been a long time since the last real writing. A writing that unloads what’s inside the head and help the heart feels lighter. Not kind of a trip report that could be some helps for other.

This year has been exciting, full of new adventures and surprises, both pleasant and not so one(s), and I love the fact that I read very much more than the past years since twitter exists.

I have certain things that I really have a long ranting and write in details but the mood is rarely here. So, I think a summary would be a good start.

In January, the doctor finished his very last exam in residency and after five years he graduated in February. Surviving residency with all those shits given was such a big milestone. Not only for him, but more for me. Residency gave more than just a title on the back of his name. It made me discover what I am capable of and confirm that my head has been always working better than my heart when it comes to relationship.

The first trip of the year in February was doing with extended family to Bali. Never really enjoyed Bali. Like I never enjoy Indomie or KFC. Not the first time and went the same for the second time. Stayed in five star hotel eighteen years ago and three star hotel this year didn’t make a change of heart about this most favorite island in the world. Oh, and I am not really fond of a group trip where others punctuality is not too reliable.

Trip in March was one of the most exciting ones this year and it was like a soothing trip for the rough and tough one year adventure started in April. We spent seven days having (late) Winter in Tokyo. Compared to previous Autumn in Paris and Spring in London, Tokyo was less hassles and quieter. The expectation was quite low for an european minded girl but Tokyo was an exceed expectation. Hospitality, food, nature, people, in almost everything. The ticket price was pretty nice, I even got below normal price for their nation airline and was so happy about their service. Japanese hospitality is quite unbeatable.

April marked the biggest adventure of the year for this little family. New policy made just few months before residency graduation. One year compulsory service for five major specialist including the doctor’s. Having a long distance marriage was unavoidable. We had been dealing with several hints which gave pretty high hope to do the work nearby but in the end, we chose to let the fate decide. Tanah Bumbu was the destined place and writing this eight months later, we couldn’t think any better places than this one. Hopefully, we will finish this safe and sound until the end. Amin.

April was also another family trip to Jogja which I wasn’t really impressed in almost every part. The city, the hotel, the food, the trip, it was not so enjoyable for me.

We had a chance to visit Surabaya and stayed in our best favorite place this year. Unlike Jogja, Surabaya trip was impressive and became my second favorite this year. I am always in about nice, clean, and walking friendly big city. Surabaya now is definitely one.

June spent by having annual mudik trip and for the first time we were going by train for cost saving. Going by train might be not time-friendly, but it is surely less hassle.

July spent quietly without moving around but a big milestone for the baby took place. She started her very first school year and gladly she’s been enjoying school a lot. She has been showing lots of improvements, some more were above expectation. We’re so grateful about that.

Another unexpected trip came in August. Aftee six years, visiting Kuala Lumpu once again granted. While the doctor having seminar, the girls were sight seeing by themselves. Meeting Siti and her little family was the trip highlight.

The small bussiness we run celebrated its first anniversary too in August. Survived the first year matters a lot. Some people were gone, the old layout changed into a new one, and so far the second year has been more enjoyable with less squad but more effective in many aspects. It’s not only a mere bussiness who generates money, to me, this one feels like my second child.

September was the slowest month this year and I loved it. But, some news shaken the balance of the family which also becomes the first major change happen next year, God’s will. Not really want to go detailed about this.

October is time for new age for both of us and as usual, almost zero celebration.

November has always been the gloomiest since six years ago. Not only because of the circumstances, but the weather has been also supportive about that. The baby turned four this month and she was having small birthday celebration at her two schools. I, who against the idea at the beginning, should be grateful after receiving the pictures her teacher sent showing her big smile and happy face.

Finally, December came and after six years of marriage, we moved out to our own place, not because we want to but more of we have to. Glad we found one that suited us best at the moment. Although it was still soft moving out, this one is a big change for me. Leaving the place I treasure dearly called home for more than thirty years feels like another end of comfort zone. Then, it means growing up to the next level would be taking place next year.

Heading to the new year is exciting as well as frightening when facing certain and uncertain life changing events are on schedules. I wish nothing more than the strength, patience and complete guide to do things that we have to do, to pass every test given while keep being grateful for every single blessing bestowed upon us.



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