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An Anniversary to Celebrate

My late mother told me that your workplace should become your second home. One that you return to every single day, spent most of the day there, it would only be better to feel like home in such place. Definition of home is not merely where the heart is. It’s a place where you know you belong, a place filled with joy with the people you love.

I still remember vividly how that March 6, 2004 was. I was wearing blue stripes shirt with brown skirt, took M18 angkot with the one who’d been always there during my first of everything that happened before 2012. I spent my first 2 hours in my second home. Today, it’s been fifteen years since that cloudy Saturday.

I once wrote about long term relationship. This playground is one of long term relationships that I treasure the most. One that keeps me sane during the worst broken heart, one that helped a lot during hard times, one that sent me achieved three my 20 something dreams, its flexibility that allowed me to take care of my mother during her last days as well as being able to be present for Langit most of the time, one that became the only resource for first 6 months of residency, an escape that I longed for comeback after first two crazy months of motherhood. One that always gives me happiness while doing it.

Like Ron Weasley said to Harry Potter when that boy who lived arrived for the first time at The Burrow : “It’s not much. But, yeah, it’s home”.

It describes precisely what I feel about this job. It might be not the fanciest job, the most sophisticated one, or the highest paid too, but for me, it’s home.

Happy 15th anniversary, home.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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