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The Last Ilana Tan’s Trip : (Early) Summer in Seoul

At first, I didn’t have any intention to have trips based on Ilana Tan’s tetralogy. I started reading Ilana Tan’s tetralogy in 2009 and Summer in Seoul was the first one, the first one to be published too. I was captivated by the book. The plot is clear, enjoyable light reading and it’s something that you can repeat even after so many times. Summer in Seoul followed by Autumn in Paris, Winter in Tokyo and last one was Spring in London.

When Autumn in Paris took place in October 2016, I had no idea, I would do this four season trip. But then, life has been kind and full of surprises (good and bad) after all these times. Six months from Autumn in Paris, Spring in London granted in April 2017. It was quite surreal when I looked back how we made it to the second trip within six months. Then, after having those two, the idea of having all four came. Winter in Tokyo accomplished in early March 2018. And finally, Summer in Seoul in late April 2019.

I have been a kdrama fan for nineteen years. Surprisingly, my first time dramas were seasons related too. Autumn in My Heart (2000), Winter Sonata (2002), and Summer Scent (2003), were three of my first memorable shows from dramaland. Although it’s been a long time playing in dramaland, but visiting Seoul has never crossed my mind. The want has never been there.

Until Ilana Tan’s three previous trips accomplished. The only one left is this one and I think it would be nice having the last one as a closing. Also, following the golden rule that my late mom told me, “Finish what you have started”. Although this one sounds more like an excuse to go on another trip, but, yeah, Summer in Seoul trip planning began.

As usual, it commenced from ticket searching. Ticket searching is one of my most favorite parts in traveling. It feels like activating all my brain part and its been always testing the patience. My benchmark of ticket price is quite low. The standard from Winter in Tokyo ticket price made me set the same standard for Seoul. It should be a full board airline too.

Thus, whenever I am doing ticket searching, waiting is compulsory. The right time with the right price came eight months ago. So far, it’s the longest interval between ticket purchasing and the real trip. But, based on destination criteria, trip duration, and budget allowed, the price found was reasonable.

Summer in Seoul is indeed the lowest expectation compared to other three previous trips. For the first time too I only chose to stay for five days, while usually it’s been always seven full days. The main reason is : we tried Korean Food few times and it hasn’t suited our taste yet. Rarely fit to our liking. So, five days would be enough. Hopefully.

To dramaland to meet oppa and ahjussi we go!


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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