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Hello From Seoul

How’s Seoul so far?

Hm, slightly less than Tokyo in everything except their excellent bus service. No subway hassles.

The people are less friendly and helpful.

The attractions are less interesting and well-maintained.

The rare playground.

The map navigation is quite bad.

The food is less mouth-watering (for us).

It feels like having a less mature Tokyo.

And if I may say, Seoul is so girly. When it is a gender, it’s obviously a girl.

Cheonggyechong Stream

Changdeokdung Palace
Gyeongbukdong Palace (view from the bus)

We also visited Bukchon Hanok Village but no proper pictures available because we were busy climbing and finding the way to the only halal food in that area.

Below are : The famous Yeuido Hangang Park

But still, been playing in dramaland for nineteen years, it’s nice to finally able to live a little part of the life from those characters on screen such as able to say ‘Anneyong Haseyo’ and ‘Khamsa Hamnida’ with the right tone to its people.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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