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All New Cards on the Table

Ramadan and Eid have ended for days. I always love the laid back ambience of this month. After having the same pattern for years, something is different for this year Ramadan and Eid.

For the first time after more than thirty years, spending the holy month in a new place other than the old home. I thought it would be a disaster, miserable, and unsurvivable. But, since 2012, it has never been this liberating.

Everything is much simpler, less hassles, and more time to enjoy the silence. Spending most of Ramadan only with this little family suits me most. Simple dishes for sahur and minimalist style for ifthar. I have stopped coming from any ifthar gatherings other than close family since nine years ago. The only thing I crave after a whole day of fasting is a proper silence and wrapped with the comfortable sleep suit. Looked-delicious various food and chit-chat with people are the least things I need for iftar.

It surprised me I didn’t miss what I had back home that much. Maybe because it doesn’t feel that homey anymore? I thought I would be pretty sad. Fact, I feel more than fine and sufficed.

I didn’t miss the hecticness in making dishes schedule for iftar and sahur (it’s a total headache), I didn’t miss taking care of so many people with their own preference, like and dislike and schedule. Although some things taken care by Mbak Wi in the past should be done alone now, but it is still bearable enough.

Eid prayer was never spent other than at the nearby mosque at home, but this year we did the prayer at the airport mosque to catch 9 am flight to Solo. So many things changed on my plate his year.

The rest of this year probably is going to be more bumpy since another new big adventure has waited ahead. Too soon to reveal, yet it’s almost confirmed that the next few months would be physically and emotionally draining.

It’s funny how things are always scarier when they’re getting closer, although those are things that we have been praying for.

It’s always been funny everytime we are waiting the invisible hand shakes the cards and throw them on our table. The only things to do is play along and try our best to make the most of them.

So far, the cards have been pretty fair. We might not get the best cards often. We lost some rounds and manage to win in another. Losing makes the heart stronger and grateful for small winnings given.

The upcoming new cards might be one of the greatest sets that we could ever have and we hope to be able to play them well and turn those cards into more meaningful things. Hopefully.

Wise words can’t do justice of how scary the new jungle we have to face ahead.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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