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Jittery June

It’s been only eleven days in June yet things seem escalated so quickly about the new adventure. I always remember June as the new beginning of this little family. The time when those return tickets bravely bought in June 2016, I didn’t really know that some tiny courage to click the pay button could make a big change for many years ahead.

Today seemed to be an ordinary day until, as usual, the flight radar inside my head spotted a good deal that we have been waiting for some time. We are quite tight about budget. Extremely tight until I agree to sacrifice certain important things for few million differences.

But then, it’s never been a coincidence for everything happen in this life. At least, ours. One thing always leads to another. One closed door is another way to a better opportunity. One closed door is always one way to tell us to try harder or to prevent us from the smallest misfortune.

Then, this afternoon, after some discussion and careful consideration, once again, the courage to click the pay button came and it was done. This time, the most frightening part is, it’s one way ticket without the return one.

It’s scary and crazy.

Have I said one thing always leads to another?

Done with the tickets, the next would always be about accomodation. Location choosen according to some stuff we have to take care on the first days of arrival. Again, with such tight-budget people like us, price will always be the limit. Certain features couldn’t be compromised though. After applying most important filters, it only left us with two options of accomodation. Two strict options.

I contacted the most suitable one and the reply was pretty quick. At the second reply when I explained our purpose of visit, the next reply from the host gave me a chill.

The sudden change of mood was in the air when she knew yobo is on the same field with her husband. How many certain specialist MD you could meet while searching for a place to stay in other part of the world?

The probability should be almost none. It felt exactly the same when the first time we came to Tanah Bumbu and knew that a house mate doctor who picked us was a Gorontalonese.

You just dont meet gorontalonese everywhere like you meet javanese or any other popular race.

Hope any opened doors would always be the one that leads us to the kind strangers whose help surely be needed during such time.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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