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A Beautiful Farewell

One day that deserve, thousands Alhamdulillahs, few words of gratitude.

Today’s marked the very last day after 15 years of teaching and 6 years of competitions by sending two out of two loveliest students a teacher could ask for to be a winner in their category.

To put a cherry on top, both were the first winner.

Month of practices, hard days of scolding (and of course crying), hundred times of notes drilling, endless hours of conversation in that small classroom, they truly deserved the first place. I couldn’t be more grateful to be granted with such farewell.

Participate in competition alone was brave enough. Finished playing until the end, no matter what, that took big amount of courage. To play the piece beautifully and let other enjoy the music, that’s what the first winners do.

Every small win given in my life, the thought went to the one and only person to whom I owe every good things happen in my life with her golden mantra : “Finish what you have started, no matter what it takes. The result is never up to us”.

One who pushed me to stay for 13 years of learning, in spite of my lacking in many things. One who taught that a teacher might never be rich in numbers but it’s surely one of the most rewarding jobs, if you’re doing it right.

A simple thank you and congrats are more than enough to end my long years of teaching day beautifully. After all, we always want to have a happy ending.

Now, guess I can proceed to the next big thing ahead with a lighter heart.


Pas special, J'ai seulement besoin de beaucoup de privee

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